amotivational syndrome

Does amotivational syndrome truly exist? Because I believe that it depends on the person more than anything. It’s easy to say a person is lazy because they smoke pot, it’s easy to use is as an excuse for your own lazyness. Does anyone else have anything to say about this?

I smoke pot infrequently, but the time in which I did smoke more frequently, I was at an epiphany of apathy. I am more inclined to believe that marijuana use is an indication, not a cause of apathy.

Of course, it was in this same time period I started smoking cigarettes too… Maybe if weed was legal, I wouldn’t have fallen for an ADDICTIVE drug.

I thought about replying to this earlier…but I didn’t.

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From about about 1981 to 1990, My friends and I were a very frequent pot users.

[ul][li]I built my career as a computer programmer (without a college degree).[/li][li]One got their PhD and started a private practice as a therapist.[/li][li]Another got his PhD and is working in a hospital.[/li][li]Another was a very sucessful electrical engineer.[/li][li]Another built his own business and is now a senior marketing manager.[/li][li]Another is a movie director in NYC.[/ul][/li]
Not everyone in my group were very sucessful. But that’s true in almost any group.

The data suggests that amotivational syndrome may exist for some teens who smoke a lot of pot. Adult users are unlikely to suffer from it.

A teenager needs to smoke pot to be amotivational?

Imbibo, ergo sum.