Amoxicillin Side Effects, Dentist won't give me something else

A break off from this post. Tell me if this sounds wrong?

I seem to be having some side effects from amoxicillin that I never had before. I am nauseous and sort of dizzy. I also had a hard time sleeping as I was feeeling anxious. I called the dentist to see if she could call in a different script and she basically said no.

She suggested that I may have a reaction because of other meds. I told her I am not taking other meds. She suggested for me to contact my regular doctor about getting something else and that maybe they have records of me having and issue in the past. I told her I never had any issues in the past.

I have not taken it for a really long time though. The last time I had teeth issues the doctor gave me penicillin. She said she would not give me penicillin as it is the same as amoxicillin and anything else she can give me would be stronger and cause more side effects.

So WTH? I told her my appointment for the oral surgeon is not for three weeks. If I don’t take something the infection will continue and I will have face swelling and pain again.

Her only answer was to stop taking them.

This can’t be right. Am I just suppose to sit around for three more weeks with infected teeth? There are lots of antibiotics out there. What about people that are allergic to amoxicillin. There has to be an alternative. I was only taking them for three days so I know the infection would not be wiped out that fast.

I requested a medication change due to side effects for an antibiotic not some high powered pain pills. If she can’t change a simple script then can I trust her opinion of my teeth.

You can try calling her again, but it sounds like she made her mind up.

That said, sometimes drugs have some unpleasant (but not completely intolerable) side effects. That’s just the way it is. Call you doctor and see what he says.

Good luck. Ouchie teeth bad.

I’m sorry that your dentist is unwilling or unable to give you something else.

I’d contact your regular doctor (assuming you have one) as soon as possible and see if that doctor can give you better advice on treatment or a different prescription for antibiotics.

Does the prescription specify taking it with or without food? If you can take it with food, do, and try something bland like bread or a cereal bar. And stay out of the sun.

Go in and see your doctor about this, TODAY. Better safe than sorry. ETA: And if the doctor cannot take you today, speak to a nurse and explain what is going on to get advice until you can be seen. If they can’t or won’t do that, then go in to a 24 hour clinic or the ER. You can develop an allergy to antibiotics at any time. (Which, as I’m sure you know, can be fatal.) It is best to go in and be sure that it isn’t an allergy.

Adding, is Amoxicillin one that you can’t have with Iron supplements, or is it the one you can’t have with dairy? (ETA: Dairy, or calcium supplements.) There’s one of 'em that’ll make you puke your guts out if you have milk with it, I found this out the hard way. Wasn’t used to not being able to have milk with the medicine, and quickly regretted doing so. Never want to do that again, so I always ask to be sure.

It does not say anything about food. Just the birth control warning and to take it all.

It is late here so my regular doctor is already closed.

I will call them tomorrow and explain the situation. I hate to have to take more time off work and pay another copay but I think I may have to. It is an infection in my teeth so not sure what my regular doctor is going to do other than see what they have given me in the past besides amoxicillin. I only remember one from a long time ago, like 15 years, and that was for strep throat and it was some fancy seven day kill it pills.

I was just so surprised she was so unwilling to help. :frowning:

Get to a doctor.

ETA: At least call in and talk to a nurse and explain what is going on. Better to go be seen now and have everything be ok, than not go in and things are NOT ok, right?

I had a few root canals recently and in both cases the Amoxicillin made my pain go away in 2 days. I took it for 7 days total.

Doctors can and do treat tooth infections too, there are times when the patient cannot get into the dentist for treatment and they have an infection NOW. Especially if you explain your dentist fobbed the problem off onto your regular doctor.

I have stopped the meds. The last one I took was at 3am this morning. I only took it because I was having a hard time sleeping and got up for some water and thought welp it has been over eight hours I will take a pill and go back to bed. I still did not sleep well and when I got up two hours later I was light headed and felt weird along with the stomach upset.

The dentist said it takes about 8 hours for all the medication to leave my system. I have drank a lot of water today to help flush it out and I am feeling okay now.

I will contact my regular doctor first thing tomorrow.

While you are taking that time off work, spend part of it finding a new dentist.

For a dentist to just ignore your problem, especially when it’s reporting a bad drug reaction, and to fob you off with false statements like “penicillin is the same as amoxicillin” shows a real poor quality of treatment of patients. I would find a new dentist right away.

I felt that as well. She was so ready to just claim all my teeth were bad and slap a referral in my hand.

I am not saying my teeth are not bad. I know they are, but after this incident makes me wonder.

I found them by searching on my insurance page. They are a covered provider and had an office close but I think I will look for a new dentist.

I have almost three weeks until my appoinment with the oral surgeon so I have time to get a second opinion.

I think contacting your doctor is the thing to do-much better than taking medical advice from anonymous posters on a message board.

Closing thread.