Amplifying the signal on TV antenna

Hi, I am located in southern ontario and recently purchased a TV antenna from walmart.
I am wondering if there are any home made ways to amplify the signal because I only get two HD channels with decent signal which I’m sure I should be able to get more because my apartment is about 5 km from Detroit.

I have seen youtube videos about home made coat hanger antennas, but I don’t want to scrap the antenna I already own, but I am willing to take it apart and add some wiring or w/e.


If you want to pick up signals from a particular location, you’ll do better with a directional antenna, which will boost signals in the direction you are looking for at a cost of reducing signals from other directions.

If you don’t want to change your antenna, then you can buy an antenna amplifier for about 20 bucks or so, which is probably more than you paid for the antenna, but anything simple and cheap like mucking about with wires isn’t going to do you much good.

at 5K you don’t want an amplifier. too much signal will overload the tuner and is just as bad as no signal.

most of the coat hanger plans on the internet are junk. coat hangers are the wrong material (copper wire is better) and the dimensions and spacing are often wrong.

you need to know the channels you want to get to know the type of antenna is best. USA full power stations are digital, they will have a virtual channel number (usually their old analog channel number) and a real channel number (the channel they actually broadcast on, often UHF now). detroit market has 21 stations including some in ON, high VHF and the full UHF.

the antenna you show should work at 5K. it needs to be aimed, if the real channel number is 14 or above you aim with the loop. you may need to aim for each channel using the signal strength meter in the tv set.

if you are on the wrong side of the building then you might have a problem with that antenna, or if the building is shielded from passing tv signals.

you might need a directional antenna with it aimed to the signals.

has anyone tried those diy hd antennas from youtube? worth the time/money?

edit/ posted before seeing one above

another edit/ why wouldnt copper coils around the antenna work/not work? or is the signal completely different that basic coils would be useless?

Just getting an omnidirectional antenna and putting it outside will give you a huge signal boost. I installed an antenna for a friend and indoor reception was almost non-existent but outdoors, mounted on the railing around their apt’s patio, they got every HD set of channels except for WABC I think.

Had I been able to mount the antenna on the other side of their apt, which had a more direct line of sight to the transmitters, I probably could have gotten every channel.

I can’t find the model I got at Radio Shack, but it was only about 10" tall by 7" wide and came with a very good signal amp. However they were about 30-40mi away from the transmitters in NYC and North Jersey, so you would be able to get a very good signal with almost any kind of outdoor, omnidirectional model antenna.