I booked me a Amtrak trip from Pittsburgh to Toronto 4/6-1/10 to check it out for a possible 30 day North American Railpass journey for late summer2000. I booked the HoJo Selby. After booking I checked the Toronto web sites for bars & resturants near the hotel to find that it’s in the heart of the gay/les part of town. (i’m not). Toronto is my favorite town in N.America! Look me up & I’ll buy you a drink! I (maybe the only) post using my real name.
Carl the

Hey Carl, you sound like you might be an Amtrak veteran. Have you ever been on a trip to the western U.S.? That’s my dream trip.

My daughter and I go to Seattle every summer to visit the rest of the family. We’ve always flown, but this year we’re taking the train. It’ll shorten our time in the city, but I think it’ll be worth it. And the cost is comparable to flying.

Just haven’t decided whether to spring for a room or hang out in the recliner for three days.

There may be others here who post under their name.

Take the Coast Starlight from Los Angeles to Seattle. A beautiful long haul!

I love taking the train - yes, it takes extra time, but if you’ve got it, it’s less stressful than driving and far more enjoyable than flying. I’ve taken Amtrak from Chicago to LA a couple of times, and also to NYC, Washington DC, and Seattle. Enjoy your trip!

Everybody knows that Steve McGarrett only takes orders from the governor and God - and occassionally even they have trouble.

I’ve always been of the mind that it’s the getting there - at least as much the being there - that makes a great vacation. I’m a BIG fan of (week-or-less: let’s don’t get crazy, now) road trips, and I think I’d love a grand train trip. The Antebellum South trip offered by []The American Orient Express has been calling my name. Loudly.

I don’t expect to win the lottery any time soon, so unless you people start ponying up*, I won’t be able to make it at all this year.

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StoryTyler, Cyb-Killer
“Not everybody does it, but everybody should.”

RATS. I hate it when that happens…

The American Orient Express

StoryTyler, Cyb-Killer
“Not everybody does it, but everybody should.”

This will be my 1st Amtrak trip. I have traveled through Europe on a Eurailpass. There one can take most any train at any time. In Munich heading for Paris, we decided to go to Venice. No problem there, but here one must plan an itinary with no deviation, making spontanious travel impossible. & hotel reservations must, in most cases, be made in advance for stop-overs. I enjoy planning trips thinking it’s half the fun! I have looked into the AmericanOrientExpress, more expencive than Amtrak, but probabily worth it.
After our spur-of-the-moment side trip to Venice, we took the Orient Express to Paris. If the American version is 1/2 that of the European, it’s worth the money! When I return from Toronto, I’ll up date you.


I have taken the Chicago-LA route a couple times, usually stopping in AZ or New Mexico. It’s not for everyone. The trains are usually behind schedule. Not as clean and comfy as I would like. The crew can be unpleasant. Sleeping at night is hard. Also, freight trains have the right of way, which can slow things down.

One night and two days on the train is all I can take comfortably. The scenery can be good sometimes. Sometimes, you meet interesting passengers. It’s faster and less stress than driving. It’s better than flying only if you don’t like flying.

“Sleeping at night is hard.”

For long-distance trains that have sleeping cars, shell out the extra money for a sleeping compartment. It’s ALWAYS worth it!

The disadvantage if you’re traveling in odd numbers is that you pay the same price for a compartment whether or not all the beds are occupied – standard and deluxe rooms hold two, family rooms hold four. You need to have reservations for a sleeper, but then long-distance trains generally require reservations anyway.

The advantages (other than the beds and the privacy, of course) are that meals are included in the price and there’s access to a shower – some trains have common showers, while some have showers in each room.

Even in Amtrak coach, there’s still way more seat and leg room than on any airliner out there. (I’ve always wondered why they bother to make airplane seats reclinable, when the knees of the person behind you are ALREADY in your back when you’re sitting upright.)