Amway founder/Betsy's FIL Richard DeVos dead at 92

I didn’t know that this was how her family made their fortune, or maybe I heard and didn’t care.

Some news sources referred to him as a philanthropist, and I do know that they endowed a museum in Michigan. I guess they did something good.

The Devos money runs all through West Michigan. Schools, hospitals, hotels, politics, and a shit ton more.

I would clarify that Amway is how her husband’s family made it’s money. Her family, the Princes, made their billions as suppliers in the auto industry. Her brother made his as a defense contractor.

The “her” is a typo. It’s her family as well, because she married into it.

Yeah, Amway has decent products, but if you know someone who sells it, they can be a real PITA.

They should bury him in a pyramid.

Good riddance to an evangelical fundamentalist Christian mid-level marketing scamster who pushed an agenda of mandatory prayer and teaching creationism in public schools.


golf clap

I sold Amway for over ten years. The extra money helped feed my family. Got us through the early years when my career in programming paid very little.

I remember many photos of the DeVos family in the magazine we received.

I’ll always be thankful for the opportunity they provided. Sales is a lot of work and not something I ever want to do again.

Looks like everyone moves up a level in the Amway pyramid now!

I guess he is no longer Diamond Direct?

Being originally from West Michigan, I’m all too familiar with “Scamway”. For every person who makes a living at it, there are at least a dozen who just can’t climb the pyramid and end up selling overpriced shit to their families and friends and drop out not having made anything. It’s just a pyramid scheme. Screw the whole lot of them. Gerry Ford was a much better representative of the area than the DeVos crime gang.

DeVos and Van Andel started Amway together. Despite living up the road from Amway HQ for decades I’ve never run into anyone selling their products. Don’t even know what they sell!

But yes lots of philanthropy and infusions of creativity and dollars, okay. Ames are on lots of buildings, the Arena, hospitals, research institute, hotels. We also had Fred Meijer who started a grocery chain. More beloved I think than jay and Rick were. Fred started our world class sculpture garden. Ford has his museum, meh.

they used to a lot of cleaning products like detergents and also vitamins. I think those are still some of their big sellers.

What I don’t understand is that stuff (laundry detergent, vitamins, etc) is widely available in retail stores today. So what’s the big advantage of buying stuff through them?

Cleaning products were widely available back then, too. The salespeople had to convince suckers that their products were better than the supermarkets’, and that the products contained less filler, making the price comparable.

Cleaning product sales generate consistant repeat sales.

I had customers that bought a box of SA8 laundry detergent every month. LOC was a very popular general purpose degreaser cleaner. Many customers went ahead and bought the fabric softener, dishwashing soap etc.

Back then (early 80’s) there wasn’t a lot of choices for low phosphate, no perfumes laundry detergent.

I haven’t been a dealer since the late 80’s. I’m not familiar with what Amway sells anymore. I never was a persuasive salesman. Here’s the product, do you want it? It was just a sideline business to pay the bills.

I bought some LOC from Ebay a few years ago. I needed it to wash mildew off my vinyl siding. I still feel it’s a great concentrated cleaner. One cap full for a half gallon water

Bumping because Amway came to my door! Some lady, who must be nice left a goodie bag which was actually a small bag holding two beauty samples, inside of a larger bag that also had pamphlets, a handout about energy drinks, their latest product catalog and a can of XS Energy drink.,

I never heard the bell, it was hanging on my knob. IT astounds me!
I have her card, is she waiting on me to call and say thanks. the perfume roller ball i’ll take, bit it’s scratchy and scent is bland. I do not believe in energy drinks either. I’ll just pour it out.

thanks Elaine!

This was my first thought.