Amway is no longer Amway!

I posted this elsewhere, but I thought another warning was in order.

A salesman I was interviewing told me he would not accept my job offer because he was going to work for a great new internet company called Quixtar.

His pitch sounded suspiciously familiar, so I looked up the website he gave me, and confirmed my worst fears:

AMWAY has changed their name to QUIXTAR!

Just some MPSIMS…but I sure ran fast…

BTW, the same salesman came in to see me last week, asked if I still had a job open. It was all I could do not to ask him why his AMWAY business wasn’t working…


So, did you have a job open or not?

<hijacking my own thread>

Well, honestly, due to my recent promotion, I am in the enviable position of hiring someone to fill my old position. So the answer is yes, but I’m waffling over whether to hire this guy or not - he seems like he would be a very good salesman.



Just a minor correction.

Not that it really changes anything regarding your post.

And opinions on hiring him? Well, either he doesn’t research the company he’s going to work for very well, or he does and is naive about AmWay Corp.

Oh how foolish…after decades of establish their {cough, cough} good name!

I think the Quixtar thing is just the e-business side of it, I don’t think they changed a pretty recognizable name (or would do it).

Yes they are Alticor now, and curiously Dan DeVos son of RIchard DeVos has recently stepped down fro his position as Co/CEO.

I live a few miles from their HQ and have never ever seen their produts nor have I ever met anyone who sells them. Their biggest markets are in asia I believe.

A lawyer I was considering hiring for my divorce was into Quixtar. Our first meeting (also our last) was spent half discussing the divorce (which some of the advice he gave was bad anyway), and half discussing Quixtar.

I told him that as a state employee, I could not get involved in any outside business that involved selling because of the potential conflict of interest. He seemed happy with that and never bugged me about it again.