An alternate version of Batman who was black?

I’m hoping some people could help me out.

I’m trying to remember the name of a series of comics that was clearly meant as an alternative version of Superman, Batman and other DC heroes. I remember specifically how the guy who played Batman was an African-American with basically the same origin story as Bruce Wayne except I believe his parents were murdered by white supremacists. and the Superman had been an agent of the US government for a long time.

Their superhero names obviously weren’t batman and superman.

And before anyone mentions it, no I’m not thinking of Stan Lee’s “Just Imagine” series.

Nighthawk in Supreme Power, JMS’s updating of the Squadron Supreme.

That would be Supreme Power, a version of the Squadron Supreme, Marvel’s deliberate analogues/homages/parodies/etc. of the Justice League first appearing in the 70s.

Slight nitpick, though…Hyperion was just starting out…he’d been raised all his life to be a government asset, but hadn’t actually been one for long.

Thanks to all who answered.