An analysis of Trump's success so far from an unusual angle

The rest of the site will undoubtedly give many Dopers apoplexy, but I came across this article on why Trump has been successful so far.

Apparently it comes down to faith and positivity, the influence of Norman Vincent Peale.

Interesting! My take on it is that unlike other capitalist parasites, he doesnt patronise the beleaguered white trash by pretending that mass immigration, racial ghettos and jobs going to mexico benefits everyone.

Hes a Big Dummy who says what the small dummies feel, but cant put words to, coz they lack the edufication.

It’s nothing new. Much of it is a copy of Reagan’s campaign strategy. He’s different in style, not in substance. It’s easy to strike a chord with the American people if you get out of the usual political box. Look at the guy who made headlines as a candidate for mayor of New York City based on the phrase ‘The Rent is Too Damn High!’. People love to feel that a candidate feels what they feel.

Positivity? Coming from the guy whose catchphrase is “You’re fired”? Who thinks that Mexicans are all rapists, not that there’s anything wrong with that? Who wants all Muslims to be rounded up and deported? Those are not what I call “positivity”.

Couple of things.

First, because Trump is manly? What it is clear is that the writer does confuse manliness with assholism, there is indeed bravery in admitting that one is wrong and many Americans are aware indeed that not backing down on a bad decision is not showing toughness but pigheadedness.

Second, the writer is omitting telling their readers that the popularity of Trump is really less than 25% of the whole electorate. As other dopers noted before Trump is not really succeeding, he is only among an specific group. But as 538 noted, it is around the same proportion of Americans that think that the moon landing was a hoax.

So, just successful among typical FOX viewers indeed.

The “positivity” follows the classic formula for demagoguery: YOU, personally, are not the problem. You, personally, are great and terrific, and would be terrifically successful once we purify society and get rid of the dregs that are ruining it for you, namely Mexicans and Muslims. Then we can Make America Great Again™, featuring things like hillbilly militias armed to the teeth taking over public property, which should become a common everyday occurrence in the Great New America™ newly rid of Mexicans and Muslims.