An appology to Hyperelastic

Earlier today, Hyperelastic called me out for something I said in this thread. I frankly feel that Hyperelastic was making mountains out of molehills, but I responded with an excess of disdain and contempt. That’s uncharacteristic of me, and was uncalled-for.

Hyperelastic, while I feel that I guiltless of any wrong in the original thread, I feel that I did go overboard in my response to you. I make no excuses, and humbly appologise for any angst I may have caused by my intemperate response.


I’d have just thanked him for the bushel-basket of derisive chuckles and moved on. You’re a better man than I, Gunga Din.


And ya look better in the loincloth, too. :smiley:

Using the new and improved search function, I just now noticed this. Thank you, Tranquilis!

A vanity search going back nearly two years! Wow. Now that is “Capital” V Vanity.

j/k. You forget to limit the dates on your search, eh?

If it’s any consolation, I didn’t notice your reply until just now. Damn, both of us wandering about blind…!