"An End To the Ban on Gun-Violence Studies"?

Okay, yeah, I’m listening to ultra-left-wing National Public Media, but…

In a story about the Biden Gun-Control panel, one of the items they said that Biden would likely recommend was an “End to the ban on gun-violence studies.”

Huh? There’s a ban? On studies?

I want to know more…because my instincts are kicking like crazy, and my knees are a-jerking… Facts, please?

Makes sense. The gun lobby wouldn’t want any studies done on anything involving guns since the results likely wouldn’t support their positions.

He isn’t asking for opinions on whether or not there should be one-he’s asking for facts as to whether or not there is one.

He seemed surprised that there was a ban on them; I was giving a reason why there would be such a ban.

Possibly relevant article.

So it’s not exactly a censorship-ban on anyone studying the subject, but it is a ban on government-funded studies by the Centers for Disease Control. Which is almost as bad.

Read a number of references to this story, but they all seem to reflect back on the Slate story.

More here:

Further: pages of similar articles, no denial so far…

No one is going to arrest you if you decided to conduct a study on gun violence. In that sense, there’s no “ban” on gun-violence studies, despite the Brady Campaign / Joe Biden talking points.

They’re probably referring to the fact that Congress regularly attaches restrictions to their appropriations for federal agencies like the CDC which prevent them from using any of their appropriated budget to study gun violence.

It’s more like Congress saying, “this is a waste of time and money, don’t do it on the taxpayer dime” than some Orwellian Newspeak.

Except for the fact that that pretty much means that honest research on the matter won’t get done. It leaves the field to the well funded gun lobby.

Gun-violence, not gun-ownership. And the Centers for Disease Control actually does have a much broader remit/brief/scope than the name would seem to imply.

Studying gun-violence falls well within that.

So stated, it is no less silly than Newspeak.

Aw goldurn contrary! Congress is preventing the useless waste of money to find out information that we already have. When you know that 25 million crimes every year are prevented by vigilant gun owners… Or is every month? Whatever…anyway, once you know that what further information is necessary? None, that’s what!

Everyone already knows that universal gun ownership is the best darn thing that could happen to a country! Its as obvious a truth as the clear fact that global warning is bogus. You want more research that global warming is bogus? Then, the private sector is the best possible source for such research, as they are free from any partisan bias, being concerned only with their financial well-being. Can’t get much more impartial than that, amirite?

Since the facts are already established, further research could only serve to cloud the issue and unfdermine our solidly based opinions. And one set of opinions is firmly supported by existing research, there is no need to further substantiate the proven facts!

What possible good could research do when we already know the facts?

Government not funding research, while suspect, is a far cry from a ban on research. Calling it a ban does a disservice to everybody, and is an extreme flexing of what might constitute truth.

Or do the calls for bans on assault rifles really mean that you just won’t be able to buy one subsidized by the government?

If I want to know the stats on whooping cough vaccination and its effect on public health, gonna ask somebody over at the CDC, most likely. What they do, you know, bean count and number crunch on public health issues.

I very much want reliable stats on gun violence, etc. If only because I’m getting tired of being served the same chopped cow paddy salad as facts. Actually, no, not “getting tired”, been tired of it for quite a long time now.

If I have any bias at all, its a preference for people who want information as compared to those who would prefer not to be bothered by it.

I love you and want to tote your hunting rifle. I’m also good at dressing and cleaning fresh game, and I know all the local watering holes.

(I once helped a pilot pull out of a steep dive. They wanted a $12.00 cover…)

Any experience boning a chicken?

The FBI and ATF can already provide some of what you want.

So fund your own study if you’re so eager for one.

Yeah. You can borrow the money from your parents.