an entymology question

I currently have in my possession, approximately 12 feeder crickets that i am keeping for my lizard to eat. Unfortunately, they are very loud and I would very much like them to shut up. Does anyone know a good way of doing this, short of me feeding them to me lizard right now?

sorry, make that entymology. could a mod help me change that?

Keep them cool …?

Cooling them down won’t shut them up, it will just slow them down

Actually, it’s entomology. But carry on.

Changed as requested, but I think you really meant “entomology”.

right, thanks.

I wish I could help. I had a cricket in my garage last summer. My bedroom sits right over the garage and you could hear that son of gun all night. It made me nuts and I was glad when the weather got cold enough for it to move to the great beyond.

I think feeding them all to the lizard now is your best option. I don’t know what kind of lizard you have, of course, but our family acquired a bearded dragon lizard about a month ago, and she goes through fifteen or twenty crickets a day.

I have yet to find a way to keep crickets quiet. I keep mine in the boiler room next to the water heater, so they can be as noisy and smelly as they like without bothering me. Do you have a spare hall closet, by chance?

If you’d like to talk about the finer points of lizard and/or cricket maintenance, please feel free to email me. It’s always nice to find someone new to share the obsession with.

i actually have a bearded dragon too, its quite an interesting creature. I actually usually store my crickets in the garage, but its too cold now, and they would die if i put them out there. I didn’t think of the boiler room, though, thanks for the idea.