An error has occurred. Do you want to...

Through the magic of MS, have you ever had your browser “lock up”? Have you seen those “An error has occured…” messages pop up? You know, the ones that say “Do you wish to send a report?” So, is there really some guy stuck in a corner at MS tracking these things? Performing statistical analysis? What’s the SD on MS showing some semblence of QA? (If so, I’d sure like to meet him and give him an earful!)

I WAG if there is such a guy at MS, his name is “Patches”!!! :smiley:

According to our Microsoft rep, those reports are used to prioritize work on updates. If they only get occasional reports of a problem they probably won’t spend much (if any) time on it, but if they are consistently getting reports from a particular application then they will assign people to look at it and try resolve the issue.

I have fantasized about a User revolt in which everybody vents their frustration at Microsoft by always clicking “Yes” to the do you want to send a report question.

The resulting traffic would bring down the Microsoft servers and possibly the internet itself.

Interesting, then, as to why Outlook still sucks. You’d have thought the number of error reports they got from that, they would have fixed the problem.


I’m still in an evil mood. Think I’ll put together a short app to generate thousands of those reports to M$…

What app should be crashing?

Something random?

Character Map.

Crash Dr. Watson. That has some recursive evilness to it. :smiley: