An excellent April Fool's joke

OK, so I carefully managed to avoid all the obvious jokes at work today. Couple of close calls, but I was on guard, and steered clear of any impending doom.

I arrive home, and get the mail out of the mailbox. As I walk up the stairs, one postcard catches my eye. Its front reads “Convict at your table”. Thinking it’s probably some unsollicited mail promoting a rehabilitation program, I toss it at the old paper stack upon entering my apartment.

But hang on! My name and address are on it, handwritten even. The card looks mightily official, with all sorts of stamps and logos of official looking institutes and such.

The back of the card reads the following (in Dutch, and I’ll just do the relevant parts):

OK, I think. It’s obviously April 1. But maybe they meant to address my sister, who is a social worker, shares my initials, and lived here for 9 months a few years ago? Maybe someone set me up?

I go to the website, log on, and sure enough, Ge van der Haak is “convict of the week”. Clicking on his profile, a red page pops up, reading:

Heh. Good one!

Now, if only I can find out who pulled this one on me. I suspect it’s my sister, but she wasn’t home yet when I called. :smiley:

Very funny CF - I had a pretty good April Fools a few years ago. Someone in our department sent a very official looking statement saying all staff were to be getting mandatory Drug screening. Effective in one week. The went on to list clinic’s you could visit to get the screening.

It was great to see just who complained about the prank, as it was April Fools day! Ya got to wonder about those who complained…
Your April Fools joke Coldfire, would have had me entering my house very very carefully.

No one really did much of anything today. One small joke where I work, that had nothing to do with me. And it was so minor, I didn’t even put two and two together to realize it was April Fools. Ah, my life is so full of excitement.

If you want more excitement, get your butt on a plane to Amsterdam. :wink: