An expanding universe? Am I expanding?

Theory: The universe is expaning in all directions really fast.

Then how come the distance between my nose and the tip of my outstreached finger isn’t getting farther?

It is. You just don’t notice it because of relativity. The distance will stay the same to you because your entire frame of reference is expanding at the same rate.


Sorry, that should probably be:

TC, Bs.d.

Howardsims, let go back to your original question, shall we?
You said “Theory: The universe is expaning in all directions really fast.”
Then you asked, “Then how come the distance between my nose and the tip of my outstreached finger isn’t getting farther?”
Is your nose the universe? Of course not. Then how the hell did you mix the two up anyway? The universe is expanding. Which is to say that galaxies are getting further apart. You are not expanding. Which is to say you are staying the same size, now go read a book.

I have a question for you.

The universe is full of trillions of stars. How come I do not have any stars in my nose?

Bear, he might be expanding. I certainly am. And the statistical probability based on random dispersion is that you DO have either a star or a tiny black hole in your nose.
Can you prove you don’t?

addendum to tc’s answer:

also, even if your reference wasn’t expanding, the expansion is waaaayy to small to notice.

Ok, it wasn’t my nose or arm, but I was just sitting here watching Selma Hiatt(sp?) in Wild Wild West and a part of me starting expanding. I think you were right!! I am so freaked out right now!!! And jb, my expansion was really small but still enough to notice. One thing I do not understand, after she put her clothes back on, I stopped expanding and then I even contracted. Is the universe doing this as well? Is the black hole or Neutron Star in my nose having a reverse polarity effect on the quantum flux fields of my ‘unit’?
Where is chicken little when you need him??!!!??

the same thing happened to me the other night! except i now have eyewitness proof of the big bang.

okay, average-sized bang. WHATEVA!

ROFL !!! :smiley:

is that a tau-neutrino in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?

Salma Hayek.

I am expanding, and have been since my 20’s. But I think that has more to do with Burritos and Beer than with Cosmology.

Yeah, but if you’d quit wearing that red shift, you might not notice it as much.

It is called a ‘pareau’. And what’s wrong with it? It contrasts nicely with my wetsuit.

That’s not a tau-neutrino in my pocket, I’ve got a hadron.

OK, this is one of the ten funniest things I have ever read!

Yeah, yeah, DrMatrix, just leave me out of your supercollider experiments. :wink:

On the off chance that the OP hasn’t either had a heart attack laughing at all of you punsters, or given up on this thread in disgust, the rate really is miniscule. Even if people-sized objects did participate in the expansion, which they don’t, the rate is only about 65 kilometers per second per megaparsec. Converting that to meters and seconds, we have about 2*10[sup]-21[/sup] meters per second per meter. In other words, if your finger were a meter from your nose, and expanding away at the Hubble rate, then it’d only be moving at .000000000000000000002 meters per second. Dunno about you, but personally, I’d never notice that.

ha! exquisite, DrMatrix…

I guess you don’t appreciate his linear accelerator…

Thanks Chronos. I had always assumed that the universe was expaning at c.

Sure wish there was a “Relativity For Dummies” book.

You’re not. Localized regions of space (like you, or a solar system, or a galaxy) can not-expand due to gravity. As Chronos said, the expansion of the universe is measured on the scale of megaparsecs (million of trillions of miles) - typically in the mostly empty space between galaxies (or galaxy clusters/groups)