An Explosive Meteorite Impact In Norway

I was under the general impression that since most meteorites are approximately the same age as the solar system itself, they’re among least radioactive objects in existence. I did a quick search, and according to the World Nuclear Association (whoever they are), the average abundance of uranium contained in meteorites is 0.008 ppm, compared to 1.4 ppm in the Earth’s continental crust. I’d link to their website, but my computer has inexplicably acquired an inability to paste text. I blame meteorites.

Personally, I suspect it was an Imperial Probe Droid…

Interesting that it was initially compared to a Hiroshima-sized bomb. Russian sources used to compare the Tunguska meteorite explosion to Hiroshima. If you look at the aftereffects of that strike, it looks a helluva lot more impressive than this one. It would probably have helped if there were a lot of trees nearby.:

I haven’t heard a wiord about this elsewhere. Another reason I love this Board.

Have you, personally, ever seen Superman in Norway?

I didn’t think so.

So. There ya go.

Norwegian Proff Eats Crow–

No huge explosion, nowhere near Atomic levels.

Too much Hooey, not enough Ka-Blooey!