God Hates Norway! He Keeps Throwing Rocks---With Newslink!

For the second time this year, Norway gets all heated-up over a meteorite strike.


And today’s impact, with added cratery goodness!


Hmmm…they could be testing a Giant Magnet, created to ensure Global Norweigan Domination!

Perhaps it’s God’s way of saying he doesn’t think much of Slartybardfast’s design, especially all those crinkly bits.

Of course that should read Slartibartfast

Ever noticed how something is missing in the euro coins? Therefore the norwegian government is geologically trying to remove the country from the rest of the continent. If enough meteroites hit the country, it it will dislodge itself from Sweden, become an island all to itself :rolleyes:

Then it will sail the Seven Seas, plundering weaker nations with its terrible Meteor Attractor Magnet!


Silly Dopers, gods don’t throw rocks. Trolls do.

Therefore, obviously a Big Cosmic Sky Troll is angry at Norway.

Isn’t Norway where they’re building the armegeddon seed bank to retain all strains of crops? The giant troll in the sky is trying to knock out the seed bank so we can’t recover from the next flood.

Just wait till it encounters Australia!

God? Hrumph! Trolls? Pffft!

It’s obvious that it’s Thor whose sore. Probably because the warranty on his hammer expired just before it started falling apart.

Personally, I suspect Kenya is behind this.

“Of course the meteorite is not radioactive, but in explosive force we may be able to compare it to the (atomic) bomb,” Røed Ødegaard said."

Wow-it’s a good thing he told me the meteorite is not radioactive. I was very concerned about the nuclear effects of items from outerspace. :rolleyes:

Well, it happens yet again. I sometimes have premonition and it often makes way in my reality. I avoid this stuff, but its metaphysical impact is evident and unintentional.

To me, in an archetypical sense, it is completion. If you know my struggle… in a previous portent of earthquake, I warned to keep an eye to the sky, and last month related a dream…



The relevant thread.

Not that it means much, but assignation with this second “flash” and Korea’s recent missile test it has personal, psychic meaning. So if you wish to call me a kook, 'tis fine… I am convinced.

“A tiger? In Africa?”

Heh. That song tends to stick in my head for days, so I thought I’d remind others who may have the same affliction.

Actually, I imagine he realized that any mention to the press comparing anything to an atomic explosion would make some readers react badly unless he made the disclaimer. I’m glad he said it, although I’m discouraged that it was probably necessary.

Thanks a bunch.

When I saw the thread title, my first thought was, “More like Snoreway? So much for that notion!” So I was all ready to link to “Kenya”, only you beat me to it.

But I bet you haven’t seen Santa and snowflake only in Lapland. (Not much to do there; still better than Norway. :))

Damn Noweigans fooled me.

Ain’t no meteorite 'tall!


It’s a rock.

Heads shall roll.

I like these two quotes from the first meteorite article:

“…in explosive force we may be able to compare it to the (atomic) bomb.”


“There were ground tremors, a house shook and a curtain was blown into the house.”

And people were worried about the Cuban missile crisis…pah…

It could have taken somebody’s eye out.

These Norwegians seem to get het up rather too easily over celestial bombardment. I started a thread on the first meteorite, thought initially to have struck the mountainous tundra with the explosive force of a tactical nuclear warhead. Whoah, thought I.

Well, photographs of the “crater” published a couple days after the story broke looked a bit more like a small landslide. I suspect several square meters of sphagnum may have perished in the impact, but Nagasaki it sure as Hell was not.

“Remember to keep your safety spectacles on, Bjorn, there may be a meteorite about!”