God Hates New Zealand. Proof? He throws rocks at it.

Fucking Kiwis!

God hates you all, to poor swine!

Here is the proof:


Now the Almighty is lobbing bricks through your windows.

As should we all!

Firstly, hmmmmmmmmmmpppfff.

Secondly, this is proof god does love us. He hasn’t thrown a rock worth thousands at you now has he? :smiley:

The “victims” of gods wrath seemed quite happy on the news.


The Almighty tried to smite them, but you shifty, treacherous buggers dodge good!

It comes with your beady little eyes.

It’s obvious you don’t know your ass from a banjo. :stuck_out_tongue:

So, what’s the rule on joke threads in the Pit again?

Oh, right.