Is "The BBQ Pit" a Harbinger of the End Times?

I don’t get it. People need a place to insult other random people who they only know by some internet handle? Or they get gleefully excited about the ways they can mess with “sock puppets,” and others. When did sadism become cool?

I’ve seen something similar on a Telemark Discussion board, and somehow people feel so passionate on that topic, they need a special place where they can let all their visciousness out against other telemarkers…

I do get that people can feel passionate about a topic. But it’s the difference between a topic and a random internet person that seems odd.

Is there any way to see these things as positive?

Your pitting the pit?

This, as they say, will not end well.

If that’s truly the case, happy to erase this thread… (I can’t see an option for that though… if a Mod wants to do it, OK by me.)

You do realize the Pit isn’t just for pitting other posters? It’s for any sort of rants from ‘damnit I stubbed my toe and really hurts’ to ‘killing puppies is wrong!’

And don’t we get this thread about every six months, always from somebody who has been here less than a month?

I think the BBQ Pit is like “Festival” from the Star Trek Original Series episode, “Return of the Archons.”

Normal cordial people going batshit insane for a limited period. Acts as a release valve.

It’s all fun and games until the puns start.

Bah…the current Pit is MPSIMS with more cursing. The Pit hasn’t been the same since Cuntgate.

Well, it is named after a guy who died 200 years ago…

Great episode.

You are not one with Landroo! You are not of the Booty…

When you insist I come to the Hall of Audiences, I’ll know it’s time to scadaddle…

If the Pit is a harbinger of the End Times, the End Times have been going on a long, a very long, o! a very very long time.

Well, it’s taking longer than we thought…

I pit Noj for pitting the pit.

The pit has been neutered a bit, but it still serves a great purpose. Even the nicest posters may need to vent once in awhile and this keeps it out of the rest of the board and keeps flare ups from getting normally civil posters in trouble.

Why are certain insults banned in the Pit anyway?

There are approximately 9,999,387,264 threads detailing the story and rehashing same in ATMB. Unfortunately, you’re too young to read them without parental consent.

The boss decided they were too naughty. It was arbitrary.

Ed Zotti wanted to take this bitch mainstream. Unfortunately, once they banned all the naughty words it turned out there wasn’t much content left. It was like The Emperor’s New Clothes, only you had to be careful about your phrasing when pointing out his visible ding-a-ling.

Sadism has always been cool. It’s masochism that sucks.