An idea to help end/reduce AGW...

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In the interest of stopping global warming shouldn’t we cease/reduce all freighter traffic until they get some emissions control on those things? I mean those ships burn BUNKER oil which is the dirtiest, nastiest and most foul form of fuel…contributing to approx. 60,000 deaths a year. All I hear about is reducing emissions on autos, but hey how about doing the same to other global polluters too? Especially the most foulest of them all.

Shouldn’t we demand that all freighters clean up their act since it appears that the amount of pollutants are so great from these things? Are any enviromental groups aware of this? Shouldn’t they be foaming at the mouth? Calling upon congress for action?

Since it seems the majority of people believe that global warming is caused by man then when can we expect to at least try and reduce/eliminate some of that bad mojo? How about we bring back to the US the manufacturing of our…stuff…with updated, “clean” factories?

There are two issues being combined here: global warming and pollution. AGW concerns itself over CO2 and methane. Pollution is about poisons and particulate matter which cause cancers and lung/cardiovascular diseases.

For global warming, heavy shipping is actually pretty good. It is the most efficient use of fossil fuels for transporting large quantities of goods. I’m sure it could be better, but much larger gains can be made in other areas if you’re worried about green house gases – personal transportation and coal plants being the majority. Heavy shipping is a tiny drop in the bucket.

As for pollution, they do appear to be quite dirty. Yet again, they are overshadowed by power plants and cars which cause far more harm (especially with regards to particulate matter). Another factor may be that it’s easier to fix things in your own country than attempting to somehow affect hundreds of companies operating in hundreds of countries and in innumerable jurisdictions. Witness the many regulations on emissions in Europe and the U.S. on coal fired power plants and the emissions standards which get stricter every couple of years.

I don’t mean to downplay this issue. It’s important. It should be improved. But I think that’s why it may not be talked about as much by environmental groups. There are bigger fish to fry at the moment and bigger gains can be made elsewhere.