An interesting new word - "cuckservative"

I was readingthis Salon article and came across the word “cuckservative” I had not seen before.

Googling it takes to this alt right website with the article
10 Signs You Might Be A Cuckservative - A handy guide to political cowardice

Well… the GOP wanted the raw meat votes and they pandered and winked and they got them and then some. Now the mainline GOP “cuckservatives” are in the crosshairs of the Alt right for all the sins listed in that article.

Home to roost.

A fascinating article. Anyone who doesn’t agree with him merely lacks the courage to agree with him. Anyone who disagrees with him is No True Conservative (they are a cuckservative).

And the real gem? Cuckservatives spend too much time attacking other conservatives, he says. In an article attacking conservatives.

The guy is a whackjob whose political views can be laughed out of the room. There’s no way his favourite candidate for POTUS would ever get any votes…

Umm, aren’t the “alt-right’s” the sellouts? I mean, said above description fits the old-school conservatives in the William F. Buckley mold to a tee. They never changed, thus they cannot have sold out anything… If you disown all of the old conservative ideals (oh, for those halcyon days…), then YOU by definition are the sellout.

It’s been noted on the Dope before.

There’s a Doper who went through a phase of using some variation of “cuck” in every single post. IIRC, he said he was trying to reclaim the term from the racists. Perhaps he overestimated his influence on the English language.

Link goes to the report-this-post page.

Whoops! Here’s the correct link.

I have mentioned it a couple of times in the recent past, both during the NeoCon and the Tea Party eras – when upon any setback the claim used to be “we need to run True Conservatives”, that in the current ideological discourse, just* what is it *that “conservatives” are supposed to be seeking to conserve?
Because ISTM the recent movements are not really seeking to stay the course conservatively and go back to the strait and narrow and time-tested, rather they are seeking to impose radical change just as much as any progressive, only by moving in the 180-deg opposite direction of wherever the progressives are going no matter where that is, and claiming *this *is what being conservative means.

If cuckservative or calling people cucks is a new idea to you then you haven’t spent any time reading conservative forums or blogs in the last two years or so. Which is understandable. Though still popular, it was at its worst during the fever pitch of the GOP primaries, when many sites sounded like chicken coops. Globalist immigration! Cuck, cuck, cuck!

It’s hilarious how obsessed the right is with sexual purity, masculinity signaling, interracial sex, and black penises.

Woun’t it be loverly if the right spun itself into useless factional squabbles like the Libs?

Shouldn’t that be COCKSUCKERTIVE?

What does cuck mean in a racist sense? I’ve only heard it used in a stupid political/sexist sense.

It’s the same usage. If you’re not ‘one of us’ you’re cuckolded by the blacks/homosexuals/foreigners/whatever boogieman the particular alt-right fuckwit in harping on this time.

I’ve found use of the word ‘cuck’ in any form is a near perfect marker of an Alt-Right asshole.

This is the way I saw it evolve. The word cuckold was still valid but very archaic. I only remember hearing it in a classroom when we were discussing Shakespeare.

Sometime relatively recently cuckold porn became a thing. In it a husband is forced to watch his wife having sex with another man. Mostly it seems to be a white couple and the other guy is black. The husband is humiliated but turned on.

Sometime after that the term cuckservative emerged from 4chan.

I don’t think that those that use it are Shakespearian scholars so you can make your own assumptions how they arrived at the term.