An mp3 file so corrupt it could run for the Senate (how do I delete it??)

I’ve got this MP3 file on my hard drive that I ripped from a CD, and played before. All of a sudden, it’s gotten really screwed up. Not only can I not play it, I can’t delete, copy, cut, paste or move it. The icon in the Win2k explorer window is there, and I can click it, right click it etc. but I can’t do anything to delete it. I tried to right-click for properties, and a dialog box comes up saying “the properties for this file are not availible.” This stupid file blows up my playlist maker every time, but I can’t find a way to get rid of it! Help!

I would navigate to the folder that it is stored in by clicking through the folders from the desktop instead of using Explorer. Then I would 1) Try to drag it to the trash that way. 2) If that does not work, try to rename it and give it a new extension (aka Bastard.txt). That may cause something to give. 3) If that does not work, try the file repair tool in the Start - Windows - Accessories - System Tools menu 4) If that doesn’t work, simply go into DOS and reformat your hard drive. That will get rid of it :smiley:

is the hard disk file structure OK? run scandisk? Checked file attributes too? You should be able to delete it then.

Go to a DOS prompt.

cd <directory with mp3>

del <filename.mp3>
All done!

None of the above suggestions are working. I can’t rename the file. The DOS approach didn’t work either. My HD is otherwise sound. Any other suggestions?

Well, I’m not a Win2K user, but…does it still have “Restart in DOS mode” as an option when you go to Shut Down? I have yet to meet the file that can withstand deletion after restarting in DOS mode, though many’s the file that resists deletion from a common DOS prompt.

Strangest thing ever. The file couldn’t be touched, but if I moved all the other files out of the folder, deleted the folder, then recreated the folder and moved everything back, it works fine. A real head-scratcher, but at least it’s taken care of.

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That’s what you get for trying to steal free Metallica. :smiley:

Seriously, though. That might be one of those new MP3s that only plays back a certain number of times. Those were developed as a compromise between Napster and the music industry. People can still “sample” records free to determine whether or not they are worth the price, but they can’t use them as a substitute for buying the CD.

Of course, the previous paragraph may very well be full of what makes the grass grow green, but that’s my opinion. If I was you, I’d run it through a virus scanner.

sethdallob, that same thing happened to me a few months ago while using a version of a certain MP3-sharing program. I deleted the file the same way you did! No clue as to what the actual problem was, though, and the next version of the program fixed that bug.

I had the same problem with a couple of my mp3’s. The strangest thing was how I fixed it. I dragged it from its folder to the desktop, and it deleted easily from there. I have no idea why that worked.

Just email it to me and I’ll delete here. No sweat. :wink:

Actually, this was a completely legit MP3 made from a CD that I own. I don’t have/use those mean evil file sharing programs. Strange.