An old addiction rears its ugly head

You may have noticed that I take my current infatuation, whatever it may be, rather seriously. I demonstrated that by hitting two thousand posts in six months.

I’ve started back with Ebay. Used to bid on all sorts of crap. Actually, it was specific crap: itty bitty computers. AND I END UP NOT USING THEM! Maybe I sell something at a slight loss or I just hold onto it. But right now I have coming a laptop and a lot of eight–count 'em, eight–handheld data terminals. Okay, the laptop is an upgrade for my daughter’s and her old one will start running the home automation. And the data terminals MIGHT be usable as electronic books. If not, they only cost a buck plus ten bucks shipping. Maybe I could sell them or just throw them out without feeling too much guilt.

(back after checking an auction)

Whew, I just got outbid and it’s a relief. I pretty much wanted what I was bidding on, and it WAS at an excellent price (not anymore), but it overlapped with something that I already have and haven’t bothered to list yet. It wasn’t in my current area of concentration, either. I’m keeping my eye on some old GRiD stylus-operated ones that could be real nice ebooks.

What’s your stupid addiction?

I actually changed my visitation with my kids in order to prvent me from going to the monthly HotWheels meeting here in Chicago. I was buying way too many that I didn’t need "ooh, I don’t have a light green McLaren!!

In my defense, I sold the vast majority of my collection over the last two years and was able to almost completely cover my my legal bills from my divorce so it wasn’t a complete waste of money (I figure I cleared about 6K)

mmmmmm, Ebay. Also known as “All Things Corvid.” I’d buy just about anything crow-related. Crow tarot cards, crow lithographs, crow pillbox, crow pie steamer, more lithographs. I decided I had to stop after I got the crow Grateful Dead pin (lovely item). But get me into a nature store and I scan for the crow items.

Lately I’ve gotten into the habit of buying a pencil from souvenir shops. At least it’s a cheap habit. Last one I got was from the Newseum, near DC.

My addiction is model horses. I have well over a hundred of them and ordered two more ($75 a pop) on Friday. I am compelled to collect these things, and anytime I hear of a new one, especially if it is a special run (meaning a lower production and not offered in stores) I have to get it. Most of them live in boxes in my closet and I have to rotate the ones I display because I don’t have enough shelf space.

Hey brachyrhynchos, you’d love this cool birding/outdoor clothing place here in Evanston called Upstart Crow
I’m picking up some socks there this week and I’ll check on cool crow stuff. I vaguely recall a baseball cap with an embroidered crow on it!

Hello Kitty.

hangs head in shame

I used to collect these horses when I was a kid. I only have about five or six left, and they are not in very good condition because of the kids. My cousin used to have a couple hundred of these model horses when we were kids. I wonder if she still has them…

Fonts. I have thousands. I could only use them all if I made it a point to use a different one every day. Even then, it’d still take me years to use them all.

I am determined to not let that stop me from getting more.

Baseball. I own an authentic jersey from each ML team($85-$165 each), plus t-shirts etc…

And porno…
It beats dope.

Be cautious Shadowfox!! mentioning long lost stored up collectibles can incite a mania not usually seen outside of padded cells;)
I know firsthand- A FOAF let me know about his HotWheels collection that was in his parents attic. He didn’t have any particular connection to it and when they were going to demolish the house, he said I could have them if I drove the 250 miles to get there (on one days notice)
I left as soon as I got off the phone.
I’d do it again in a heartbeat.

Squished pennies!

You know…those machines that you put a penny (and two quarters) into and out come an oval piece of nickel-copper with the local logo or whatnot on it.

There’s even a museum in Washington DC (my home) for me:

Squished Penny Museum

Hey, think of it as aiding the economy by removing money from circulation…permanently.

And when you get a particularly good deal, do you crow about it?

  1. I used to have one. It was my brother’s, actually, but he didn’t take care of it. My tastes have matured, though. Now it’s Matchbox. And any Hot Wheels of old race cares of my youth.

  2. Wife isn’t that concerned about those purchases she learns about because my wheeling and dealing and freelance CAD work have paid for my hobby over the years.

African trade beads, hence my name kiffa.

I own more books about food than any sane person should have. Most of them are specialized books about food, cookery and beverages from the middle ages and renaissance.
My flatmate has left a note on the ‘fridge, “There’s a fine line between a hobby and a mental illness”. Should I be annoyed with her?

Considering I started this thread to kill time before an auction closed, it’s done pretty well for itself.

Update: the laptop has a crapped-out battery but I found new one on ebay that I could get for nine cents on the dollar compared with online stores without even bidding (they sometimes let you buy stuff straight if you meet a certain bid price), so that won’t be so bad. The computer’s black and the battery, which takes up the northwest quarter of the top, is white but my daughter likes funky color schemes. Especially if it gets her into something that runs Windows. The keys were sticky to the point of half of the keyboard not functioning, but now they’re just a little stiff. A spritz of tuner cleaner oughta fix that. Coworker said he’d never have the patience to do that much to get old hardware running, but I reminded him that it’s my hobby like fixing cars is his.

The terminals were what I feared they’d be rather than what I hoped they’d be, so they’ll probably get tossed if I can find someplace safe to do it. Just not worth auctioning–I can imagine how much the company that was selling them lost in lost productivity when I bought 'em for 12.5 cents each. That’ll teach 'em! Now, if I’d only learn it myself…

Hey, I got one of those, too!

For me, it’s a Grateful Dead thing rather than a crow thing.

We’ll both have to wear 'em at the next NYC Dopefest, so we know each other.

MikeG, you’re feedin’ my obsession. The Upstart Crow (hehe, where’s my credit card?) And I did crow, Finagle, when winning those last minute bids (thanks be to fiber). It used to get a bit noisy in our office between my officemate bidding for fossils and I. Now we support each other in our mutual bid to “DEbay.”

Okay, Ukelele Ike. I’ll show you mine if you show me yours. NYC Dopefest.