An old pocketknife with text: UFFZ. CORPS 5. BATTR. Any info?

I have an old pocketknife with the text ‘UFFZ. CORPS 5. BATTR.’ on the handle. The knife is small and slim, all metal, and has three blades: two knife blades and a file. The blades are stamped ‘J.A. Henckels Zwillings’ and ‘Friodur’. I gather Henckels makes kitchen knives these days, which this one certainly isn’t.

Any info on the UFFZ. corps or the possible origins and age of the knife is appreciated.

Henckels still makes pocket knives, I have a couple. The UFFZ is German for Unteroffizier, a non commisioned officer. The CORPS 5. BATTR, based on what I could figure from a German website and Babelfish, was a foot battallion in the German Army, the Corps 5 Battery. There was no timeline on the site. It appears to be a knife given to NCO’s in a German foot battallion. As far as the age, maybe someone can come along with more info.