An Olympic-sized fuck you to Yahoo for spoiling the women's all-around

Children, children, children,
It has not even finished its goddamn broadcast tonight here in the U.S. I’ve been waiting a long time to watch this, really looking forward to it, and doing my damndest to avoid spoilers because why the hell would I want to know how it fucking ends before I’ve even had **the goddamn chance to see it! **

Was it just so fucking exciting to be the first news organization to post the results that you didn’t care that some people might **not ** want the event spoiled before they’ve even had the goddamn chance to

oh fuck it. I was so excited to watch this, ran to check my email during a break, am utterly pissed off for the rest of the night, don’t even feel like watching it anymore, blah blah blah :mad:

I agree completely. My homepage is set to and they have the latest results right there on the front page. I’m too impatient so I’ve actively been seeking out spoilers, but these news sites should at least bury the results one level down so that you have to make a concerted effort to seek out results.

I don’t recall - was it like this in Sydney also, what with the huge time difference?

Agreed. You can’t go to any news site without seeing the damn results before they’ve been broadcast. It has really put a damper on the games.

Yeah! Damn those news outlets for reporting news!

Oh wait…

Well then, damn those news outlets for making you check your email!

Er, um…

OK, damn those news outlets for setting themselves as your homepage!

Hang on…

So, how about this weather?

Indeed…and it was relatively OLD news (the 5:30 CST NBC news had a silent graphic listing the result).

Hey, Otto, no fair! I said I didn’t personally mind the spoilers - otherwise I’d change my homepage settings, obviously.

But, c’mon. Yes, this is news, but it’s not exactly news of such vital importance that it HAS to reside at the top of the front page. And considering the we Americans don’t get the CHANCE to watch the competition until the evening broadcast, it’s just polite keep the results buried down a page.

Or they could use a more generic headline, such as “Women’s All-Around a Close Contest,” rather than “USA Wins Gold - No Point in Watching the Competition Now!” That way people could choose to get that news if they wanted it.

You’re absolutely right. There is no reason to think that I should be able to read the day’s news ON THE FRONT PAGE without learning that Phelps lost, or that Patterson won.

It’s not like I need to know the news. I guess I should just skip the internet altogether during the Olympics.

(Course, since this is the Pit, I should have expected someone to come in and post something pleasant and “witty” like Otto. I have a feeling some folks get the biggest kick of their day this way. Oh well.)

Here’s a hint. These sites report the NEWS. Their business is to report current events - which most people understand as being NEWS - not Spoilers. They are not leaking a movie plot, they’re reporting on a current event. This is how they earn their living. If you don’t want to see the NEWS - don’t pull up their site. :smack:

This is such horseshit. There is no freaking reason they can’t put an OLYMPICS-CLICK HERE button to get the latest results without offering front-page spoilers. Sometimes people want to get the news without learning of a sports outcome before watching it. What the fuck is the point of NBC broadcasting it if you’re gonna learn the results before watching it? Should we just avoid all news for 2 weeks?

Well at least on TV, they report the results in a way that people know what’s coming up. I was sitting on the couch taking a nap when I heard, “We are about to post the results of [such and such event]. We will not say them. If you would like to know who won, you make look at the screen. If not, please look away.”

I think that was very gracious of the newscaster to do. I don’t see why the news websites can’t do the same.

Flickster, did you even bother reading Spree’s post? I’m sure that the news industry would come crashing to its knees ("this is how they earn their living’) if they were to put a step between the front page and the results. :rolleyes:

Sorry, but you’re just being a jackass if you’re going to tell me either not to read the news, or to surf outside of any site (yahoo, msn, aol, etc.) that has the spoilers on the front page.

Psst…Yahoo has a box right on its front page news section that you can click to prevent Olympic results from showing up. Very useful in situations like these.

Here’s hoping the others do the same. Why the hell didn’t the geniouses think of this before us?

Talk about misplaced blame. Is it Yahoo’s fault that NBC is so anemic with Olympic coverage that you don’t see anything until hours and hours after it happens? No, it’s fucking NBC’s fault for imposing a tape delay on itself.

If NBC had its shit together you’d be able to watch the events LIVE like people in the rest of the fucking world.


You understand time differences, right? Right? Thought so. So why is it so hard for an American website to figure this out?

Oh, yeah. And don’t get me started on NBC’s sports coverage including everything from the US Open, to The Olympics to NASCAR. NBC Sports blows donkey dick. And even the donkey doesn’t enjoy it.

In total agreement here. Fucking NBC has ruined the Olympics for me since they purchased the rights.

Show the goddamn events live, not with your cute little fucking life stories interspersed and all that fucking switching back and forth between events (if you were actually broadcasting live, then I could understand maybe switching, but you’re on fucking tape delay, show one goddamn event fully, then go to the next one).

At the very least, NBC should be broadcasting the main events live over the Internet, if they insist on tape-delaying for TV.

You don’t get live Olympic coverage in the US ???

Well, I was watching the Gymnastics all-around fight with great interest, rooting for Patterson because she was brilliant on the beam, when my stupid stupid broadcaster decided to switch events and started showing me some other crappy event before Patterson’s floor routine! What idiots!

I gotta side with the people who are pointing out that the news sites are visited because people want to see the latest info on news and sports. These sides pride themselves in beating the othe medias to the punch. If you open up a news site you have to realize that the headlines may tell you the latest score.

Don’t want to know the results? Don’t open the site.

I hate to repeat the same point in a thread, but I gotta ask you this. What is the problem with putting an obnoxiously large Olympics link on the home page? It gives an obvious link to to the latest results, without giving away the results to those who want to know whats happening in the rest of the world. And then watching the Games to see who wins. It would be one thing to see “Haam wins Gold” on a news site. I was so much better watching it without knowing beforehand.

Chalk me up as a sucker for the drama of competition.