An Olympic story - with ferrets

People based olympic events just aren’t working for me these days why doesn’t the ferret olympics get more coverage? :confused:

Hey, that’s quite an accomplishment - most ferrets would get distracted halfway through, get all turned around… er, I mean - Sheesh, don’t they have any real news to report?
Actually, the comment about owning ferrets being a fast-growing pet fad disturbs me. For one, you could interpret all ferret owners as being fad-chasers, when actually many owners go into it with a lot of research behind them. Ferrets have been domesticated for hundreds or even thousands of years, depending on which account you believe, and they’ve been owned in the US for a long time as rabbit hunters and then as household pets. On the other hand, many people do pick up the latest “cool” pet without putting any thought into it (even whatever dog breed is “hip” lately due to film exposure/media coverage), risking harming a pet inadvertently when you don’t know its needs, and many pets being turned loose in the wild or sent to shelters when they lose their appeal.

FYI for those who think a ferret might be neat: imagine a hyperactive two-year-old child on caffeine. They don’t make much vocalization noise, but they can squeeze into spaces as narrow as a quarter. They love chewing/swallowing stuff that can stop up their intestines and kill them without an operation to save them, like rubber bands, sponges, etc. They’re very clever at times, especially when it’s required to get out of a cage. Their health can suffer due to respiratory problems if you keep them in wood shavings or have dusty litter. They suffer at temperatures above 85 F, and can’t survive outside. The list of cautions goes on, but it’s better to be heavy-handed with warnings, IMO, than not educate.

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The fattest ferret weighed six ounces? Is that right? How much does an average ferret weigh?

Whoops, I missed that. That’s just got to be pounds. The average ferret will weigh a couple pounds, give or take depending on size. Typically females are noticeably smaller than males, and ferrets that are allowed to reach sexual maturity before being spayed/neutered seem to get larger than ones that are spayed/neutered early.

(Sidenote: Just about all pet store ferrets are spayed/neutered already. Male ferrets who are intact are more smelly and can be more aggressive to other male ferrets during breeding season; female ferrets must be bred or given hormones to get them out of heat, or else will become anemic and possibly die if this is not taken care of.)

My four average-sized ferrets weigh between 2 and 3 pounds each. I’ve seen females as small as 1 pound, and heard of 7-pound ferrets.

Ferrets are terrific pets, but definitely not for everybody. They are also not a cage pet per se–they need time out each day to run around. Mine are only in the cage at night–they are free roam when we are home, in their own room when we are out. They are somewhat like puppies or kittens their entire lives, in that they are very active when awake, and also goofy. They don’t typically like to be cuddled, and can scratch during play, although there are exceptions. And they are really only about 95% reliable on the litter box, with boxes required in each room.

They are the funniest pets I’ve ever had, too. I’d watch every minute if the ferret olympics were on TV. I’d be a frequent watcher of the all-puppy or kitten channel if they had one. How about a channel that was based on cameras at waterholes? Live TV at its best.

Have you considered the sport of ferret legging?