An Open Letter to the Moderators and Administrators of the SDMB

I just wanted to say thank you. Thank you for helping to create and maintain the most awesome message board I’ve ever had the good fortune of coming across. My only regret is that it took me until the year 2011 to find out about it.

This truly is one of the best communities in the world, and a message board community is really defined by the moderators, terms of use, and administrators.

So, call me a suck-up, a bootlicker, a sycophant or an apple polisher if you must, but this is something I’ve wanted to post for a long time and I finally just decided to do it.

Of course, all the posters here who have been here for years, who have added so much to eachother’s lives, thank you too.

In short, thank you to everyone here who makes it such a great place to spend online time. I know I’m still a relatively new poster around here, not even having a membership yet or having been here for a year, but I really have enjoyed my stay so far, and look forward to many more years.

+1 :slight_smile: Really can’t word it any better myself.

DUDE! You’re NOT getting a Charter Membership!


Reported for forum change. :slight_smile:

I used to have that tile once. It was on a misty Tuesday, no fog, but a bit of flatus in the air. A year later I was short ten bucks at the time, and was relegated to being a peon, or “guest”. No post counts, no whimsical tile, though neither did I care for.

As much as I covet it, the title of “Charter Member” falls only on the ones that had seniority and ponied up the wampum at the time. Money for title you say? On such an illustrious board?

Aye, was a day when no fees were levied against the people, but then the dark days came. Not as bad as the “Winter of our missed content”, but few remember those anyways.

This can be a touchy subject for some. Not so much for me though.

Guest Side!!

Dear Bootlicker, Suckup,
You speak the truth. Amen.

Well the Dope and this disability board have been my only experiences with messageboards; and that board was a very sad place. I stumbled upon a very entertaining and intellectually engaging community here (with it’s fair share of hypocrites and douchebags; but where don’t you find those? ;)). To the delight and relief of everyone here-I ain’t going nowhere. :smiley:


And, since this is About This Message Board, I’ll move it from MPSIMS to ATMB.

You could be a Charter Member once again. Write me for more details.

We appreciate a kind word every now and again.


Really? One can reclaim their ‘charter’ status now?

Great to hear! Should make a lot of people happy, how does it work? Is there a fee?

It ain’t Swift, but not a bad try.

See post #9.

Thank you, drew! It’s very nice to hear that what I try to do every day, which is make this community a better place, is understood and appreciated.

Your kind words are appreciated, drew. Many thanks.

I agree with the OP. I’ve been on a lot of message boards, and this is really the only one that has been worth reading long term. It’s largely because of the moderation.


You are a suck-up, a bootlicker, a sycophant and an apple polisher.

Thanks, it’s much appreciated.

Of course, if you wish to send a bottle of single-malt Scotch that would be appreciated even more.:slight_smile:

The most Cecil ever requested from a questioner was a double sawbuck.

I like five star Metaxa.

[sub]I’ve never had the seven or twelve star Metaxa…hint, hint[/sub]

He doesn’t work as hard as we do.:wink: