An open letter to the shit head in charge (my supervisor)...

Dear Barry,

You ignorant incompetent fuck. I have been calm and respectful in the past regarding your fuck-ups. You were as new to being a supervisor as I was working here. You’ve had over a year and have shown no progress. In fact I would say you’ve gotten dumber as the months have gone by. There are I times I feel dumber just standing too close to you. You are some strange supernatural black hole, sucking any intelligence that gets too near you, only you don’t retain any of it; it’s just all lost to the void.

You are the office joke. Do you realize, if one of us goes to the bathroom we don’t say we’re going to take a shit: we say we’re going to take a Barry. That’s what we think of you. It’s not just us union guys laughing at you either. I’m buddies with Jimmy and Blake and Martin - management all three - and we stand around and laugh our asses off at the stupid shit you do and say.

This time, however, you have not just annoyed me with your ineptitude. You have thoroughly pissed me off. You didn’t display the schedule until today for the rest of this month. I’m in the middle of working 12 straight days, which I don’t mind: the overtime is nice and of course I’ll work Bob’s days so he can go to his dad’s funeral, but I was expecting a couple days off at the end of it! Instead you post the schedule that shows I have ONE DAY off before I have to come back to work. And then I won’t be working my shift, I’ll be coming in during the days for some bullshit training class! You’ve given me ONE FUCKING DAY to re-adjust my body clock to wake up at 7:30am instead of going to bed at 5am. Not to mention I’ll be losing the extra 10% I get paid for working nights by going to training during the day. You jackoff, did it ever occur to you that maybe I’d like to know at the BEGINNING of the month if I’m gonna get a short paycheck at some point during that month?

On top of this, we STILL don’t know what the March schedule is, but you did manage to show me as being scheduled to work March 2&3. Hey asshole, I asked for that weekend off weeks ago. I told you I need March 2-5 off. I sent you emails, memos, told you face-to-face. No problem you said. Were you even listening to me you stupid shit? NOW I have to go from co-worker to co-worker and hope someone will trade days with me because you waited until the last fucking moment to show us the schedule that I’m now past the requisite time window to request vacation for those days.

You incompetent fuck. I’m at top pay in October (our union contract has a salary cap) so I’ll be looking at a management position after October. Guess whose job I’m looking to take.

After that I really hate Barry, and I don’t even know him.

Thank you mighty maxx for keeping this thread from sinnking like a lead brick weighted down with barbells.

I don’t hate Barry as nuch as I can’t believe he was put in charge of something. I wouldn’t put him in charge of melting ice. He’d find some way to fuck it up.

When there’s a problem, we open an on-line trouble ticket. Everyone in our group has access to all the tickets. This is how we knew what was broken. He used to send us emails at the beginning of our shifts that would explain what need to be done during our shift, in case we didn’t see the tickets. To cut down on the emails clogging everyone’s boxes, he had one of our guys institute an on-line activity log that we would use to pass on to the next shift what had been done to the network and what work needed to be continued. That got too long and cluttered for his taste, so then he had the work assignments page instituted to pass on what work need to be continued. Now he emails us to remind us to check the log and the work assignments page about trouble tickets that needs be worked, so our email inboxes are still flooded.

Idiot. Dump all this other shit and let us just go back to browsing through the trouble tickets!

What a moron.

You’re welcome for the boost. I found your post too close to home not to say something. I do internet tech support and our Trouble logs or tickets are set up very close to how yours are. We do internet tech suport for a few different companies, includeing our own (as if our own customers weren’t getting shitty enough service, we had to take on three more companies). We do support for this ISP in Montana. First off I live in Indiana don;t aske me why the hell we tech support Montana. Well this Montana ISP hired us to do their support and didn;t bothered to tell us that they had just baught the company through vicious business tactics, and that we had to deal with 5000 very pissed off individuals. Every customer had to have all their information, e-mail addresses, webapges, etc. All needed to be changed to this montana ISP. Shitty deal we got there. 5000 people were forced to change ISP’s, and we had to deal with them. and it didn’t help that the Montana ISP wanted us to write it all down on paper so they could see what we were doing (we had to fed-ex it to them). They didn’t have any kind of trouble tickets then. But now that they do have trouble tickets, they feel free to go through the techs notes and e-mail him what he did wrong. The first time I got one of those e-mails I got pissed, and wrote them back…“dear montana isp, please do not nit-pick through my trouble ticket, I’ve been trouble shooting before you even thought of this shit hole company. I’ve been writing down your god damn tickets on paper for a month, and now that you have software you never leave me alone. Piss off.”
Tank you.
So I deffinately feel your pain when it comes to office bullshit, my supervisir is a tool. Put it this way I trained her then her best friend was hired as manager, so as aoon as she was done with me training her…she was promoted far above me. Oh well hopefully I’ll move on to bigger and better things, and hope your supervisor realizes what dork he is and changes his stupid ways before he’s lynched in the Barry room. :slight_smile:

Mr. Cruncy, could you please step into my office for a moment. We have something urgent to discuss.

Thanks, Barry.

Crunchy, my sales manager just mentioned he had a cousin working in the US. Now I know what his name must be.

Absolute honest truth, the following conversation took place in our company’s weekly sales and marketing meeting last month:

Tanuki-san (manager): “What did you work on last week?”
Drone #1 (friend of the CEO’s wife): “I spent all last week making the invitations for our product seminar.”
Me : (thinking) “The entire week? There are only 5 companies coming. And we don’t even have a product yet! Oh well…”
Tanuki-san : :grunt of approving acknowledgement:
Competent employee #1 : “I met with the project manager of (huge consulting firm) on Thursday. They’re working with (huge IT firm) on a $600 million project that will require the kind of software we’re producing.”
Tanuki-san (who’s job depends on the company meeting its sales goals): “The HR department has told me that you’re not filling your time sheets in properly. This is really important to the company, so I want you to take care of this.”

We’ve already sent our resumes out.


For a split second I’m thinking “hey, Crunchy works here???” I thought you were talking about our resident piece of shit, also named Barry. I wouldn’t even know where to begin.

Heh, I got one for ya. I work at a University and we recently hired a new administrator for our dept. (he’s the husband of one of the dean’s). His crowning achievement so far? A meeting on how to <hold your breath> have meetings.

Administrators–they all suck.