An open letter to the St. Louis Cardinals

Tonight, you did something that no other sports team has ever made me do.

This second, as I’m feeling the puffiness in my eyes and the tears drying on my cheeks…only now do I realize how much I truly love you.

Thank you for a fantastic season that exceeded every single preconceived notion I had.

Thank you for the long ball play of Albert Pujols and Scott Rolen.

Thank you for the effortless style of Jim Edmonds, and the fleet-of-feet-beyond-his-years play of Tony Womack.

Thank you for the selfless bunts from Edgar Renteria, and the stoicism of Jason Isringhausen.

Thank you for playing with class, style, and poise.

Thank you for showing grace in victory AND defeat.

Thank you for showing me that believing in something for long enough actually pays dividends.

And above all, thank you for doing all these things in such a way that makes me proud to be a St. Louis Cardinals fan.

You still have a longer road ahead of you, but let’s stop to enjoy this moment now, as 54,000 fans in Busch Stadium, and thousands more worldwide, cherish what it means to believe in something. For the victory of the moment.

Thanks for helping me believe that my years of dedication meant something.

And thanks to the Houston Astros, who even in defeat have earned untold amounts of respect from me and every other Cardinals fan. You were tough customers, and I wasn’t always sure that it wasn’t YOUR turn in the Big Dance.

This has been the best year of my life. First the birth of my wonderful baby girl, which alone would have made for the best year… and now this bonus to cap it off.

I have to go now and get some tissues.

Thank you for believing in yourself the way I always believed in you.

It’s going to be a great series. If they had a pole on “who are the greatest baseball fans”, St. Louis and Boston would both surely finish very high on the list.

Very well said, Chastain86.

I was there Game 7 1982. I was twelve. I endured Denkinger, the Twins, their loss to the friggin’ Braves after being up 3-1, their many recent playoff losses, most notably their loss to the Giants in the NLCS (while living in San Francisco, surrounded by my jackal friends), and now, finally, 17 years later, they’re back. I can barely stand up I’m so damn ecstatic. Of course, my intoxication may have something to do with that.


I’m a St. Louis native, currently very, very far removed from home. My grandmother can’t afford to phone me very often, but every month or so she sends me a selection of clippings from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch chronicling the efforts of my favourite team. I’ve been waiting since the late 80s for the Cards to hearken back to their glory days… I’ve been hanging on to every single baseball thread here, waiting to hear how the boys are doing. Now, I too am crying! World Series! And I can’t be there to see it, to watch it with my grandparents … :frowning:

But now is not the time for sorrow. Now is the time for rejoicing.


:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Anybody other Cards fans have “The Heat is On” stuck in their heads? Or is that just me?

I think Boston and St. Louis are the two most recent winners of Sports Illustrated’s Best Sports City award.

I have known many St. Louis fans and many Boston fans, not only baseball, but hockey and football too. They love their teams but they aren’t in-your-face about it. I’m not sure who to root for in the series, I want them both to win. I suppose I have to lean towards Boston, it’s been such a long time for them. I remember the BoSox losing the series 4-3 to The Big Red Machine back in the 70s, that was one great world series.

But if St. Louis wins, I’m going to happy for them and Tony too.

I just hope we can tell who is who out there with their uniforms being so similar. :slight_smile:

If I didn’t live in Saint Louis, I’d pick them anyway because of the fans. There was no rioting, no fires, no destroyed cars or property and no deaths following the win here.

Props to the Cards and BoSox. No one’s going to say those teams didn’t earn it. I’m looking forward to a great World Series.

::goes off to cry in Texas-sized mug of beer::

I knew there was something I forgot to do last night! :smack:

Although I wanted the Astros to win slightly more (didn’t really care too much), I have to say that the entire series was well-played and that the Cardinals definitely deserved to win Game 7 with their good, fundamental play. They played small-ball to perfection and won that way, instead of hoping for a late-inning homer.

The NLCS was the better series for a baseball fan, even if the ALCS did have the more epic, history-making results.

I have some insight into this. When Jim Edmonds was traded to St. Louis, the fans there embraced him wholeheartedly. They made him feel so welcome, and part of their sports family immediately. He thinks he is now in the best baseball town in the US.

I can’t wait to see him win his ring!

I was pulling for the Cards against any AL team except the BoSox. Here’s why.

First, I hate the Yankees, so Boston winning it all would be a big bonus.

Second, as a lifelong Brewer’s fan, 1982 still hurts.

But if the Cards win it all, kudos and congrats. Man, this is going to be one of the best WS I’ve seen in my life.

I was singing it all night, including the Jack Buck voice-overs. “Swing and that’s a long drive…” I was also babbling “Go crazy folks” and “what a team, what a time, what a town” and screaming “WHITEY BALL!!!” every time ESPN showed the suicide squeeze play. Strangely my wife went to bed a little early. :wink:

Repeat that story and throw in any of the following:

Ron Gant
Mark McGwire
Shawon Dunston
Will Clark
Scott Rolen
Reggie Sanders

And it will still be a true statement. :slight_smile:

All these guys came to town and stuck around, despite receiving higher dollar offers from other teams, thanks to the warm reception they got from the St. Louis fans.

Here’s hoping Larry Walker agrees.

Oh, I think he does. From his first appearance in Busch Stadium:

Precisely. Any city that riots in order to celebrate does not deserve to win. If they were playing the Yankees, I’d have to root against them, but in the current matchup, Cardinals it is. Besides, they did end the season with the best record in either league. They deserve the championship.

The Cards will be a formidable adversary. Best defense in the game, no question.

Fortunately for me, I’ve already steeled myself for a Boston loss…I’ve had lots and lots of practice. If they can lose well to the Cards, I’ll still be resonably content. Frankly, since I had no expectations going into the ALCS, seeing the Cards stomp the Yanks would have still been very satisfying. If the Sox beat the Cards, they’ll still have my deepest respect, 'cos they’re a great team.