An unbiased definition of affirmative action

I’m looking for an objective, unbiased definition of affirmative action. The information I’ve seen on the web is pre-spun – i.e. conservatives say it’s about giving preferential treatment to certain groups and liberals say it does not favor one group over another.

Obviously, both statements can’t be true.

What I’m looking for is a dry, un-spun definition.


Well, you’re in luck.

Right here beside me I have Webster’s II New College Dictionary and on page 19 it defines “affirmative action” as:

Coincidentally, earlier this evening I helped my little brother put together a persuasive debate against affirmative action. This board is so timely!

That is a bad example. Then the arguement "Who are the underrepresented groups? How much representation does a group need/deserve to feel fully represented? will arise.

Try again please.

Thanks evilbeth. To be more clear, I would like to know how affirmative action manifests itself as law – what an actual statute says, but without pages of mind numbing legalese.

I didn’t try the first time.

Got a problem with the definition, take it up with Houghton Mifflin.

For the most part, I don’t personally agree with affirmative action but the OP asked for unbiased and a dictionary, while not entirely unbiased, is much better for that type of definition than, say, someone with a political agenda.

Damn I wish I could “not try” as good as you! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHHA!!!

Why thank you.
BTW, what is you unbiased definition?

An unbiased definition would be one that EVERYONE agrees with. Try finding one. And good luck!

My point is that you came into this thread and the only thing you have done so far is criticize someone’s attempt to deliver an unbiased (or as unbiased as possible) definition.

My suggestion to you is essentially, put up or shut up, to put it bluntly.

Don’t just hang around here ridiculing other people’s attmepts to answer the OP and not do anything to help shed light on the subject.

The point of the Straight Dope is to fight ignorance. Give it a shot.

And I kindly point out that your statement does have an arguable point in it. wow I hit the spaz button there!

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Since affirmative is or has been the law in some areas, somewhere the law is written down. What I’m looking for is a plain-English summary of the law.

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Ignoring the children, and getting back to the OP:

There is no singular ‘definition’ of ‘affirmative action’, if by that you mean a concise explanation of affirmative action laws. The dictionary definition provided by evilbeth is as good as any for a starting point. The actual implementation of that concept has resulted in any number of different approaches, from actual quotas to simple attempts to offer some sort of a leg up to some ‘minorities’ or otherwise underrepresented groups (women are not a minority, but have been considered an underrepresented group).

Now to clarify something said in the OP:

This is not correct. Liberals do not say it does not favor one group over another (at least, not any informed or educated liberal). The whole POINT to affirmative action is to treat under-represented groups WITH preference, in an attempt to remedy past discrimination. What liberals DO say is that it is not UNFAIR to do so; it simply acts to remedy a past injustice with continuing effects. The main opposition to this remedy is that it is fashioned at the expense of those who are NOT underrepresented, usually on the basis of supposedly suspect classifications. In short, instead of remedying the problem by adding more chances to be schooled, employed, etc., it remedies the problem by taking some chances away from one group (e.g. whites) and gives those chances to another group (e.g. blacks) based on nothing more than the fact one group is white and the other black. Of course, one can quite rightly point out in response that ANY attempt to remedy the underrepresentation of one group in some aspect of society will inherently come at the expense of whatever groups are over-represented, regardless of the mechanism involved.