an update

Nope, its not my appendix!
d asked a question earlier about pain in my upper right side.
Well, it turns out its a small fibroid.
I’ll be seeing my gyno Friday so, well see what to do about it.
Anyone else have one?
(guys only)…

I meantfemales only

Glad you found out what it was, vanilla.

I tried to have a Gyno once, but she didn’t like me… :frowning:

[sup]Glad you’re OK, vanilla…[/sup]

Glad you are ok! I thought I had appendicitis once, went to the hospital so they could tell me it was a cyst and sent me home in pain. I think fibroids are not serious. . .but I have never had one. . . glad you are ok :slight_smile:

I had fibroids really bad. They didn’t cause random pains, but they made my periods hellacious. I had them fixed almost exactly a year ago.

How do you have them fixed?