Anarchy and the tea party

I was discussing the news with my wife this morning and made the prediction that if a Dem won s/he would have a great deal of problems getting their cabinet approved by a Rep Senate (or even a Dem senate since they filibuster). The basic reason is that too many of them are not there to govern but to demonstrate that government cannot work. They want to shrink the government to nothing and then toss the shrunken wizened corpse. In what way do they differ from anarchists? And why aren’t the Dems accusing them of being anarchists?

Because they’re so well organized about it?

Having beliefs and goals other than your own is not “not governing” nor is it anarchy.

I’m sure there are some people who have this philosophy, but I’m equally sure hardly any – if any at all – are sitting in Congress.

I for one sure have been enjoying this Anarchy since the Tea Party took over. The Economy sure has improved since they took over. Let’s hope there’s another 50 years of this Tea Party Anarchy.