Anastasia song

Google has failed me… or vice versa. Though I typed in the lyrics below, and “Anastasia” and “lyrics,” I couldn’t find the song I was looking for. Got sites for a Tori Amos song, but it wasn’t it.

Five or six years ago I heard a song with the following line (or close to it):

“Anastasia, please come home. Your daddy the czar is on the telephone.”

What is it, who sings it? At the time, I swear it sounded to me a little like Neil Diamond’s voice. Should have punched his name into Google, just to see.

Thanks in advance. This mundane question posted here to help ease the burden on GQ.


I posted the lyrics you wrote into Google, and the first listing was this:

Thanks, Guanolad. The first thing I get is a compilation album called “The London Years,” which has some lyric about Anastasia screaming or something.

You da man. You must have the touch.