Ancient Civilization Discovered!

Oldest in Europe.

As a student of Archeology I would love some more information; do you have a site I can go to?


150 gigantic monuments from 7,000 years ago and no pics huh?

Did Ayla make them?

…and no tall, black monolith? :smiley:

Hmm, I wonder if this could be evidence of a fabled “ancient Aryan civilization” that the Nazis were obsessed with documenting. I just hope these people kept their pigs, goats, etc. outside of their living areas, or things would’ve gotten pretty messy!

When would she find the time?

Nope, that’s all I got.

Sure, musta been Ayla:


The article from the Independent has a link to its own related story:
How 7,000-year-old temples reveal the elaborate culture of Europe.

Most of the other stories I’ve found have been synopses of these two.
(Using the name of the director, Harald Staeuble, has been less than helpful: it seems that they found some neolithic erotica a few years ago and nearly every time his name shows up in an English web site, they only want to talk about “stone age porn.”)

There is an article (German-language, I’m afraid) today on Spiegel Online.

[li]the spokesman the Saxon State Department for Archaeology (i.e. the state agency that is responsible for the Dresden and Leipzig sites mentioned) says: it’s nothing new - everything has been known and published for some some years [so the Independent’s “revealed today by The Independent” is at best journalistic hyperbole - tschild] [/li][li]what was found was essentially ditches and postholes, and any guess at the sites’ function would be baseless speculation at this point [/li][/ul]

They’ve found The Hyborian Age!!
Conan Lives!

What? You’ve never left the TV on after Leno ended?