Ancient dopers got their kicks from raw testicles

That’s the actual headline ftom Yahoo News. I couldn’t resist posting it.
Although, as an Ancient Doper, I could easily resist the Raw Testicles. Yuck.

Hopefully they were already detached!

I prefer my testicles cooked. Then again, I’m a youngster.

You wouldn’t rather prefer someone else’s testicles (raw, cooked, or otherwise) ??

By definition it would have to be someone else’s, I’m of the female persuasion.

I knew teabagging would lead to this!

Since we’re talking about food, shouldn’t this thread be moved to Cafe Society? :smiley:
*Not serious, mods. Please don’t move it.

Sorry, but I wince whenever I see the title just for having the words “kick” and “testicles” in the same sentence.

But this reminds me of the story about the English tourist in Spain who sees a restaurant advertising the “Corrida Special”. He asks about it, but the waiter’s English is poor and the tourist’s Spanish non-existent, and all he is able to understand is that it is “very delicious” and something to do with bullfighting. So he orders it and when the dish is brought to his table it is some kind of very large meatball in a rich sauce. He tucks in, it is delicious as advertised, and when he has finished he calls the waiter over. This time the waiter calls the owner, who speaks slightly better English, and he manages to convey that after the bullfight certain extremely masculine parts of the bull are served as as traditional local delicacy.

Despite slightly queasy feelings, the tourist finds that he enjoyed the unusual meal, and he schedules his next year’s holiday for bullfight season and books a table at the same restaurant. This time however when the “Corrida Special” arrives the meatballs are still delicious but much smaller than the previous year’s, so he calls for the owner to come and explain. And the owner gives a philosophical shrug and says “Señor, the bull does not always lose…”.