Ancient greek question ("plaza of virtue")

I’m thinking about a name for an office complex that would geared toward religious organizations or persons holding important “traditional values.”

I’m thinking about ancient greek. Using the net, it would seem that “areti” is the name for virtue (though “Aristotelian virtue” means something quite different than “Judeo-Christian” virtue). What would be a word that fits a Pentatechal or New Testament context?

And, supposing that “Agora Areti” would be appropriate, what would be the grammatically correct (properly declined) phrase?

Thanks for your help!

Agora Aretes (Aγορα Aρετηs)?

I’m not sure whether it’s right in a New Testament context though.

Yup, that would be the correct declination. Perhaps someone like Polycarp could inform you on the New Testament term for virtue.

I ain’t got a narrow areti; I could pass the damn child myself if I had to.

Arete has pretty good NT attestation, so it should work nicely.