Ancient Mysteries--Timelost Fruitcakes


I don’t refer to Von Daniken. :smiley:

No I mean this–

Oddly, I used to live in Waukesha.
Anybody else ever find a mummified fruitcake?
Can we push the fruitcake chronology back to, say, 1899?
If we can come back, bring pie, we can surely radiocarbon date a fruitcake.

Slightly fruity archaeologists & rum-soaked histrorians, reply!

Not a fruitcake, but the chronology can indeed be pushed back to 1899 with the 107-year-old hot cross bun.

This just reinforces my theory that when the world ends there will only be two things left: cockroaches and fruitcake. Of course, the cockroaches will all die out because they will refuse to eat the fruitcake…


Any other Paleo-Fruitcakes in evidence?