And a very shitty Ramakwahannumas to you too!

I am so sick of hearing about the appropriateness of the holiday greeting. This country has a culture, that culture has certain themes that it likes.

I’ve got a suggestion, how about we let everyone wish whomever they want whatever greeting they want and leave it at that. Why is it incumbent upon the greeter to be politically correct more than the person being greeted?

Some people are dicks, and how they choose to be dicks is immaterial, because they just want to be dicks.

How about Christians: Stop saying Merry Christmas passive aggressively, just say it if you mean it. Anyone who is offended, stop being weak.

I only have one thing to say to anyone who gets offended at someone wishing them a Merry Christmas, Give me all your money!!! NOW!!!


(born December 25, 1977)

Ya’ know. I was just thinking earlier today about this:

I haven’t got one iota of jewish in me but if some one (a Jewish perosn) were to wish me: “Happy Hanukkah” I wouldn’t be the least bit offended. On the contrary; I’d be flattered they thought enough of me to bless me with something THEY obviously hold very dear.

Really PC’ers. Get the fuck over yourselves already.

OH yeah, I’m atheist too. Quit making the rest of us look so fucking bad. Really, just stop.

With that: (Quoting Snoop Dog here)

Merry Fucking Christmas and have a good Og damned night!!

Atheist checking in, and I have to admit that I absolutely HATE the expression “Happy Holidays”. Bleh. It so freakin’ bland it’s not even worth saying. Most people, by a huge majority, in this country celebrate Christmas. If that offends you, then you need to get a life. Having said that, I’m more than happy to wish a Happy Chanukha (or however you spell it) to my Jewish friends, and have no problem if someone say that to me. Happy Whatever, but if you wish me a “Happy Holiday”, it’ll go in one ear and out the other.

(As I write this, a TV ad in the background is using “We wish you a Happy Holiday” as a jingle. WTF??? At least write a new song if you don’t like Christmas.)

Is there something wrong with being generic if you’re not sure what someone is?

To me, that’s the whole arguement right there. A person shouldn’t HAVE to worry about what someone is. As long as you know what YOU are then all is good. I think the benevolent sentiment is: “You give them YOUR best wishes” as opposed to just blowing smoke up their ass, telling them what you think they want to hear.

That’s my take anyway.

I’m just not bothered by any Holiday Greeting. I don’t know why people get worked up over it.

I agree. I think it doesn’t necessarily follow that someone choosing to be generic is doing so because they’re afraid of jerks taking offense. They could be trying to be polite themselves.

I always thought Happy Holidays was just a quicker way of saying, “Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.”

Of course, since “holiday” is short for “holy day”, we should probably ban “Happy Holidays,” too.

Just one? :dubious:

It’s arguable that we even have one.

Man, I’ve been saying “Happy Holidays” since I was a wee stump. I didn’t do it to be politically correct then, I don’t do it to be politically correct now. It was just something to say around the holidays.

Jeez, I hope I haven’t been offending everyone. :wink:

If it’s the same advert I’ve been hearing recently, they’re singing “*We wish you a Happy Honda-Day” * - still pretty stupid, though, I agree, but they’re defiling the song to try to sell you a Honda, at least, not be PC. :smiley:

People just give me strange looks when I tell them to have a “Merry Yule and brightest blessings!”

Not to spoil the fun, but have you ever actually heard someone insist on “Holiday”? Any personal experience with someone too PC for Christmas?

This is a strawman, pure and simple. The shrill right-wing has found something they can get all het up about, and nobody is going to fight back since nobody actually cares. Everyone gets whipped into a frenzy and when all is said and done nobody remembers that the liberals were never against Christmas in the first place.

It’s kind of funny. They use the cry of “Stop the PC madness”, and yet they are the only ones getting all worked up the certain words be used.

What I want to know is are the same people who are boycotting stores for not wishing them a Merry Christmas (they are – here’s a link) the same ones who complain about Christmas being too commercial?

I’m a devout Christian. Two of my closest friends are devout Wiccans. I wish them a good Yule and they wish me a Merry Christmas. I also gave them the pine boughs left over when I made a Christmas wreath figuring their traditions could also make use of them. I’ll wish strangers a Happy Christmas or Happy Holidays depending on any number of number of random factors.

Honestly! I admit this morning I indulged in a petty rant elsewhere, but this is ridiculous. I don’t get upset when people don’t wish me a Happy Boxing Day; I certainly don’t mind if people give me holiday wishes in any form. Hell, some days I’m happy they’re not cursing me! It’s supposed to be a season of peace, joy, and goodwill, especially for us Christians. Can’t we focus on that rather than getting our knickers in a twist because someone doesn’t give us the holiday greeting of our choice? Are there no poor houses?! *Has Scrooge taken over??!! * All I can say, in the best tradition of Bill the Cat is “Thppppt!”

:Insert word meaning pleasant emotion of your choice: :Insert word meaning festive occaision of your choice: to all of you!


I’m with even sven. I refuse to believe, beyond the few exceptions that there are to every rule, that there are people truly offended when their neighbor wishes them a Merry Christmas. Have you been yelled at by someone you know for doing so?

At the worst I can imagine some people ODing on Christmas and getting pissy with a cashier when yet another pre-fabbed, questionably sincere, discounted extra-couponed piece of holiday cheer is spouted at them from the register when all they want to do is get the fuck out of the throng and go home and listen to Bing Crosby, some good Klesmer, or whatever floats their boat/ark/etc.

I live in a pretty liberal place, and I have yet to see the PC police knocking at businesses trying to keep Christmas out.

I thought we’d established that it was “Christmahannukwanzukah.”

At any rate, anyone who doesn’t like me saying “Happy Holidays” can go choke on some mistletoe. I say it if I’m not sure what the person being addressed celebrates, and excuuuuuse me for trying to be polite, plus it’s a shortcut for “_________ and a Happy New Year.” If I know what someone celebrates, I use that greeting. I prefer to use the one that’s most appropriate to the person I’m addressing because these statements are implied wishes that the person you’re talking to will have that nice holiday, not that you’re having one and babbling about that. I.e., “(Have a) Merry Christmas!”

The only “Merry Christmas”-ers that tick me off are the ones who whine about who’s the “reason for the season” and insist on “Merry Christmas” to the exclusion of everything else.

I do know many people who are too PC for Christmas. They’re Jewish and tired of feeling ignored (or disrespected) every December.

I do agree that O’Lielly et al have found a strawman, though.


Me too. Just seems to cover everything: Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza, Boxing Day, New Years. When used properly, I think it covers everything up to Arbor Day. It’s not a matter of political correctness. I’m just lazy about that sort of thing.

Of course, know that I know I’m going to be pissing a select group of people off, I’m gonna say it even more. If they’re going to let something so completely minor get to them that much, they deserve it.

Ya know, if this sort of fussing over the language continues, we’ll be back to grunts and snorts in no time.