And another studio exec out the door #metoo

*Lasseter, who was the chief creative officer of Pixar and Disney Animation, took a leave of absence late last year following what he described as “missteps” that made some of his colleagues feel “disrespected and uncomfortable.”

The report quotes an unnamed Pixar employee as saying Lasseter had a reputation among employees “for grabbing, kissing, making comments about physical attributes.”*

Dammit, I do not want to hear that. Lasseter make Pixar and damn near saved Disney!

What the HELL is wrong with my gender???

Don’t blame a whole group for the sins of a few. Misandrist.

Am I misremembering or didn’t the stuff about Lasseter come out months ago?

The great thing about a bunch of assholes hitting the deck is that, even if they were brilliant creative people with vision who made a bunch of incredible stuff…well, there are a lot of brilliant creative people out there, but some of them are gentle introverts who never had a chance of competing when you had to be an asshole to get ahead. Both women and men. Clear out the assholes for asshole behaviour and it doesn’t actually reduce our access to the work of brilliant creative people - we’re just going to see different ones.

If anyone comes out with a meetoo story about, say , Patrick Stewart though, I will lose my faith in humanity

It came out back in November of last year when he originally took a leave of absence. The only new information today is that he will be officially leaving the company.

A friend of mine worked for him in the mid-90s and committed suicide. I have no knowledge at all that her death was in any way connected to this news. She reached out to me for help while working for Pixar. Shortly afterwards, she died. This is upsetting.

That’s really awful.

Nobody should be able to get away with making life hell for their coworkers or employees. No matter how good they are at their job.