And Another Thing ... [Hitchhiker's Guide to Galaxy]

is the title of the 6th installment of the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

The book is to be written by Eoin Colfer, auther of the Artemis Fowl novels.

The book will be published in October next year.

I really hate when a series is continued by a different author from the one that started it. It just seems cheap and lazy.

Anything for a few shillings. :frowning: . Well I never read beyond the first three books so I shan’t be reading this one. Ian Fleming, Mr. Adams who are they going to dig up next?


I just read the first HHG book, after years of hearing drooling fanboy stuff, and actually quite enjoyed it. The second book, I couldn’t get through. I forced myself through the first Artemis Fowl book, very disappointed.

I feel sorry for the fanboys, and for Douglas Adams’ memory.


Wait, what? What is that for?

I didn’t even like the Artemis Fowl book I read all that much. It was OK children’s fantasy, but that was all. How dare someone try to do this? :mad:

Huh. Seems to me the second book was just the second half of the first book. Neither is complete without the other, and together their hilarious. The third book seemed more like an afterthought, but was still fun. The fourth book the semi-random zaniness took a back seat to a tepid love story of all things, but things really went to hell in the fifth book. I’ve found that I don’t enjoy the earlier books as much after reading it. I would rather un-read it than read another sequel. Douglas Adams already shat in the sandbox. Sure it was his sandbox but I can’t work up any outrage over this.

I kinda liked Colonel Sun. Markham (aka Kingsley Amis) captured the cold-war flavour of Fleming’s Bond.

Icebreaker though… barf.

Zarquon’s undergarments! If Allen Douglas wasn’t dead, I’d swear he was involved in this. Salmon of Doubt already showed us what Adams was working on when he died. I think that’s enough. It’s not just that somebody else is picking up the series, it’s that as the series ended, all the characters had been entirely winked out of existence “forever.” That’s not something I would want another author to handle. If Adams had never written Mostly Harmless - and I think he basically wished he hadn’t - this would be a little more tolerable. Instead it’s just thoroughly unnecessary. Not gonna buy it.

**“Did you know,” interrupting the ghostly figure, fixing Zaphod
with a stern look, “that Betelgeuse Five has developed a very
slight eccentricy in its orbit?”

Zaphod didn’t and found the information hard to concentrate on
what with all the noise and the imminence of death and so on.

“Er, no … look,” he said.

“Me spinning in my grave!”**

Can’t think what brought this passage to mind…

Yuck. Colfer is terrible.

Am I really the only one who liked the fourth and fifth books?
Of course the stories are quite bleak and a bit disconnected, but that is not exactly a big difference to the first three, is it?
I find those books just as hilarious as all his other stuff.

But I agree that there should be no sixth book from a different guy. Bad idea in principle and I’ve no idea who this Colfer person even is.

I am looking forward to it. The fifth book sucked and totally disappointed me. I hope they come back from it. I love Addams, but I don’t put anybody on a pedestal that much.

I don’t know what to say.
Part of me is pleased…part of me is really worried that it just won’t be the same - and that will be worse than nothing.
Mind you - it would have to be pretty bad to top the disappointment that was Mostly Harmless…

Don’t panic.

I adore the first three books. The fourth gave me a headache. I bought the fifth several years ago but can never bring myself to read it. Just leave well enough alone…

After Mostly Harmless it’s not like the Hitchhiker’s Guide series can sink further.

If it was a new Dirk Gently book then I might work up some annoyance but HHG2TG is dead to me.

Does that ever work?

Some of the Oz books written by Ruth Plumly Thompson are every bit as good as L. Frank Baum’s Oz books. A few are even better than Baum’s, IMHO.

Oh God. I’ve never been able to force myself all the way through even one of Eoin Colfer’s dull children’s books, and he’s been given the task of writing a sequel to some of the funniest ever books? This won’t be pretty.

I’m gonna buy and read it just so I can bitch about it. That’ll show him!