And down goes Schneiderman!

Eric Schneiderman, the great white hope for Democrats hoping to have a back-up plan for when Bob Mueller and Rod Rosenstein get fired, is already being asked to resign by the Governor.

Looks like the stars are aligning for a Trump dictatorship.

Well, considering Cuomo is a snake with delusions of grandeur, I hope Schneiderman tells Cuomo to go to hell. At least for now.

There’s nobody that’s going to support Schneiderman. It’s over.

Schneiderman, Schneiderman…

Ahhh the irony:


So, the people of the State of New York are going to elect Don, Jr., as New York State Attorney General now?

No, but his hobby has been investigating the Trump organization, and it’s doubtful whether anyone carries that effort forward.

Any other watchers of the series Billions reminded of Chuck? But for the mirror-image kinks, and one being state, and the other federal, dude actually even looks a bit like Paul Giamatti!

Why is that so doubtful? I don’t know that much about New York politics–I didn’t actually know Eric Schneiderman’s name–but I do know (well, I just looked it up) that Clinton carried the state by over 1.7 million votes.

Right now it goes to the legislature to pick a new AG to serve until the election in November. You know, just saying, Preet Bharara is free.

The suspense is killing me!!

Oh yeah, that would be good.

Certainly that’s the Putinist view.

Others less enthralled by Vlad will have noted that the NY State Assembly and Senate are majority Democratic (though one Democrat apparently ‘caucuses with’ the GOP). So the odds are slim that a pro-Trump-dictatorship replacement for Schneiderman will be appointed.

Sorry. Them’s the breaks.

I hope at least one of those Democrats in the NY State Legislature (not the one that caucuses with the GOP) sees what you wrote. How perfect would that be?

It would be such an outstanding stroke of genius that I expect it has 0% chance of actually happening.

How about Hilary Clinton? :smiley:

Apparently he has the hands on experience the trump team needs in a lawyer.

Another notch on Ronan Farrow’s gun. And I’m willing to bet he’s got more targets in line. It must be frustrating for him though that the guy he really wants to bring down, his father, is untouchable. Which is just as well as I don’t think Woody is guilty of anything but bad judgment. Schneiderman is a real jerk though and it shows once again that politics has no relevance in this arena, there are scum aplenty on both sides.

Leave Hilary alone!!

Good point. There is very little anti-Trump sentiment in Democratic circles in NY. Pretty much nonexistent.