And I thought the SDMB hampsters were overworked...

Anybody else tried yet to register for the national Do-Not-Call list?
Talk about an overloaded server. I’ll bet just about everyone in the country is trying to get in this morning. It took me about a half hour to finally get the registration screen to load, but now I am one step closer to being on the list. They still have to send me an e-mail that I have to reply to before it’s official. The registration screen said “in a few minutes”, but I’m still waiting.

I just tried and got the Cannot Find Server message.

I figure there’s lots of us trying to get in. I may just remember the address and try in a few days.

I just wonder how many of the people signing up for this were people who ever bought from telemarketers anyway? If, like me, they have not, the telemarketers can quit their whining about how it will cost them…

Hampsters always find themselves overworked because they are so very rare; hamsters, on the other hand are quite common.

I must have been thinking about the hampsters from New Hamshire.

BTW. I submitted my number over 2 hours ago, and I’m still waiting for the e-mail I’m supposed to respond to in order to be registered.

I wonder if they anticipated the number of people who would try to sign up the first day?

1000 people per second can really keep those hamsters busy.

I finally got to Step 3: Email Confirmation, but haven’t received my emails yet either. Then again, I haven’t been waiting as long as FBG.

I finally got my email confirmations. I registered about 7:45 am yesterday for 3 phone numbers. Two of the emails were sent at about 1:35 am this morning, and the third at about 5:30 am.

I got in about 12 last night and got the emails this morning also.