And it turns out that the best thing about the Luxor hotel is....

…the slanted elevators. They always make the drunk people fall over when the car decelerates.

(In case you have no idea WTF I’m talking about, this is the hotel in question. The elevators go up diagonally.)

Diagonal elevators would make me fall over even if I wasn’t drunk.

The Eiffel Tower lower elevators are diagonal too, in fact they move in a curve up and along the lower legs of the tower. It’s a very amusing ride.

I’ve only been to Vegas once, earlier this year, and we didn’t get to see nearly all we wanted. We stayed at the Mirage…very nice!..but my favorite place to just sit at the slots and enjoy myself was the Luxor. The drinks waitress comes around OFTEN, and the drinks are AMAZING! I’m not that much of a sweets person, preferring bloody marys usually, but their pina coladas…WOW!!! I swear there’s as much rum in the whipped cream on top as there is in the whole drink! I liked them so much I do believe I got relatively plowed off them.

Definitely my favorite place to just hang out so far. :slight_smile:

I love those elevators. To think, they were designed back in the 1800s!

Hmm, must go next time I’m in Vegas to pretend I’m in an Enterprise turbolift.

They are called “inclinators.” Interesting ride, but the loss of room space kinda counters it. Although it does make it very easy for you to sit naked in a chair, feet splayed on the ceiling/wall, sipping a drink and wondering if the people over at Excalisuck can see your nuditity.

Oh, that Luxor. I stayed in a place in the actual Luxor, but they were lucky to have electricity, let alone elevators.

And the sign in the stairwell says “no roof access”.

Well, duh.

Maybe if I play enough blackjack they’ll let me skateboard down the outside.

If your a boy then that’s just gross, pervy boy.

If you are a girl, that’s real cool baby, whats your room number?

Merry Xmas to my type of person.