And now, an octopus frightening a crab.


…have any repercussions been reported?

Isn’t that just another reason to not visit Australia?

No need. Australia already capped it with spiders the size of a Corolla that do the same thing to schoolchildren.

…and careless adults.

Are those the ones who go out without bringing along a child sacrifice?

Pruned-out old men and women who can’t see at noon with high-beams on work too.

I wouldn’t have watched that if I knew the Octopus caught the crab. I thought it was more like, crab sees Octopus and jumps.

Poor crabby. :frowning:

And helicopters… :eek:


Yeah, I’m pretty sure that’s going to give me nightmares.

The octopus is quite a badass.

Do you know if it ended badly?
With that much weight, that far from the CG of the helio it could be nasty… :eek:

New from the makers of Sharknado, it is HeliCHOMPter.

Oh. No, I was fine with them as long as they stayed in the water. This is not cool.

I dunno. Given the size of certain crabs–crabs who are evidently totally cool with coming out of the water and waltzing around on land (see item #9)–we may need to think about enticing some of the larger octopodes onto the dry land.

Nah, Sharks On a Chopper:

“I have had it with this mothereffing sharks on this mothereffing chopper!”

In all fairness . . . they were fine with us as long as we stayed on the land.

Poor yummy crab! That one would make a big crabmeat sandwich.

I just wanna see Drop Bear vs. Landoctopus on the next installment of ‘Oz Attacks’.

OP, why did you call this Octopus “frightens” crab? Certainly the crab was frightened but surely this headline buried the lede in a pretty big way?