And now...another cat. Pictures? Of course! Video? You bet!

Back in October, I shared the news about our new cat Mia. We’d hoped that she would be a companion for Rocco, but unfortunately Rocco passed away about a week later, which was very sad for us but not unexpected. He was 18, after all.

An indoor cat needs to have at least one other cat for companionship, so we adopted Molly from the local shelter, about a week ago. Molly is about 18 months old. Here’s a more recent picture of her next to a 12-pound medicine ball I was using as a doorstop. As you can see, she has already managed to move it slightly.

Mia was not delighted at the new arrival.

Not surprisingly, she went straight into her Bucky act; any time Molly came within six feet of her, Mia would hiss and show her teeth. I call it “her Bucky act” because the dark color of her coat really accentuates the little red mouth and its tiny fangs, just like Bucky in the comic strip.

The rocky start notwithstanding, they’re now settling in with each other beautifully. While they still haven’t started sleeping all intertwined with each other as our Ragdolls used to do, there’s far less fighting. And they’re playing together quite a bit, chasing each other around the apartment and playing hide-and-seek.

A few days ago we got out the crinkle-tunnel. Mia had no interest in it when she was alone, but this time they spent about a half-hour chasing each other through it. I caught this view of Mia peeking out of the “window”. And here’s a brief Youtube clip of both cats playing in the tunnel.

Although this post was supposed to be more about the new arrival, I have to share this last picture of Mia, showing her most unusual extra dorsal paw. In the other thread there were some comments about Rocco’s lack of a head, so I thought this would also be interesting.

Such beautiful kitties. Hopefully they’ll continue to settle in with one another and then be best buds.

Beautiful cats! Mine have taken a few weeks (or months) to warm up to each other, usually.

Sorry about the passing of Rocco.