And now, BGT brings you...The Christian Singing Mime!

I just watched a chunk of Britain’s Got Talent (I think it was some kind of extra show) that had a mime.

A middle aged female mime.

A middle aged female Christian mime.

She comes out on stage, they ask her what she does, she explains that she’s mime unlike any mime they’ve seen before: a Christian mime. What’s a Christian mime? She plays a Christian song and mimes to the words.

Okay. Fine. Do it, we’ll mock it, next.

But…the music doesn’t work! It worked yesterday…

Simon: Could you hum it?

Well, I could sing it…

Alright, sing it then.

Which is how I found myself watching a Singing Christian Mime and wondering why no one in the video seemed to appreciate the fundamental ludicrousness…not of the Christian Mime-ness…but of



Really, a singular moment in televised idiocy.

The Christian Mime!

Proof that there is a God?

If it involves a mime it must be proof that there is a hell.

With God all things are possible.

In the US these are called live videos, and are the bane of evangelical youth groups. Your humble correspondent even performed in a few. Carmen has alot to answer for.
In vaudeville a similar style of performance was called a record act and is what Jerry Lewis was doing when he met Dean Martin.

Yes, but did he SING?

(I believe that’s also what Andy Kaufman did to the MIghty Mouse song, in his own amazingly twisted and wonderful and much missed way…)

Wait, “mime to music”? Isn’t this what one usually calls “dancing”? Or is that sinful?