And now playing . . . Stump the band!

Okay, I’ve played a lot of music in my time . . . so much so that much of it has run together, especially all the orchestra and wind ensemble stuff. I’m at the point where I know I played it but I can’t come up with the title without thinking about it, dangit. Sometimes I think a LOT . . . and nothing happens.

So a friend of mine sends me to this site and I hear this music . . . I KNOW this music . . . I’ve PLAYED this music . . . what the heck is this?

(Don’t worry about the test, I know you all have lots of personality.)

Please don’t keep an idiot in suspense and tell me.

PS I already sent this link to some of my bandmates . . . now THEY’RE stumped. Help us!

It’s NOT the Faure Pavane Opus 50.

And it’s not from Schindler’s List.

Funny, I don’t hear any tubas in it… :smiley:

What a very pretty piece, if somewhat repetitive and simplistic in treatment of the theme. My guess would be some sort of movie music. But it is only vaugely familiar to me, in that sort of way that implies I’m making up having heard it before at all.

Y’all are stumped too?


Sounds like Barry Manilow…

True, but whatever it is, the composer oughtta be paying Faure’s relatives some bucks! Dayum. Except for the middle section, which is soppier than Faure.

But it does sound familiar and not just the Faure connection. Sounds British to me – I can imagine it as a Masterpiece Theatre production theme. Almost Rachel Portmanesque in parts.

I thought of Mark Knopfler’s “Screenplaying” album. Very similar style. Just checked it on Amazon… alas, don’t think so.

Got it.

It’s “Song from a Secret Garden,” by the duo called, appropriately enough, “Secret Garden.” Composer and pianist Rolf Lovland, violinist Fionnula Sherry.

[Click to listen at Amazon.](javascript:amz_js_PopWin(’/gp/recsradio/radio/B000001GBJ/ref=pd_krex_dp_001_003/102-2953573-3177747?ie=UTF8&track=003&disc=001’,winName,winArgs);void(0):wink:

Rio by Duran Duran?


Linkie takes me to a Javascript website, not to Amazon. :confused:

However, the song is all over Google Video.

How did you do that, BTW?

Oh rats, sorry for the stupid linkage. Here’s a video of the Secret Garden pair performing the song … um, somewhere.

I’m sorry, a true magician prefers not to reveal her secr… nah screw it. :slight_smile: I googled the flash file name and “music” and found a few other places asking what the music was. “Yahoo Answers” was the key.

Thank you!

Yeah, it’s inspired by/ripped off all those impressionist guys – Ravel, Faure, Debussy – they ought to be getting royalties.

It sounds so much like every one of those pavanes and etc. I’ve played over the years I assumed I HAD played it. I’ve played everything else, just not this particular piece.

Than you very much for clearing up the mystery for me and all my friends in the band who had the same reaction I did, we feel MUCH better now.

You’re very welcome!

For those curious to hear the Faure Pavane and compare/contrst – and of course the Faure is way more gorgeous and interesting, with complex harmonies and dissonances – here it is, though sorry for the religious symbolism in the video.

But I will say the Secret Garden song is lovely. Even the soppy middle section ends beautifully.