And now, the Republican version...

Well, the Bush campaign is gearing up for the convention with an announced capping of the August effort thusly:

  • NY Times article (italics mine)

How mature…how non-devisive…a prime example of ‘sticking to the issues’. Ain’t ‘compassionate conservatism’ wonderful?

These people deserve the thrashing that is coming.

It’s nothing new, look at his Daddy and “Ozone Man”.

  1. Why is this surprising?

  2. How is this different from the Demo convention? (Oh, yeah. In that case the humor and derision was all true)

  3. Hi, Opal!

  4. Why did this need a thread?

Its a call to arms! The wits are challenged by the half-wits! The Tighty Righties will rely less on slimy innuendo and slurs against Kerry’s patriotism, but will depend on humor and satire to put them in the best possible light! The best idea since Mike (the Muncher) Tyson announced his comeback! It’s new, it’s innovative, it’s a whole different paradigm, and it’s doomed.

I’d say “bring it on!” but I’d have to stop snickering.


This is gonna backfire on them so badly. We already have sites like , , , , , , I can’t see a bunch of angry conservatives coming up with anything near as funny as this.

They might as well get their laughs in before they lose the white house. Unless they commit election fraud on a scale never seen in this country before.

Can you provide some examples from the Democratic convention where Bush was the object of humor and calculated derision? I had thought that their plan was to avoid Bush-bashing.

I call a “Hi Opal!” violation. “Hi Opal!” is only used if it is the third and last item of a list which would otherwise consist of exactly two items.

It’s all par Bushco’s course. Their first mention of Kerry after the nomination was not to take on his points from his speech. But to attack him by calling him a do nothing senator.

This is the meanness of the republican party.

Assuming the above is true, are there any Republicans on this board reading it and cringing, thinking “why do they have to be such low-life assholes, instead of just defeating Kerry on the issues?”

IMHO…they know they can’t beat him on the issues.

So they just sling mud.

Yeah, wet powder and out of ball. The Pubs have got nothing to fire with at the RNC.

As said above, “bring it on.” Kerry’s no great shakes but Bush is the delirium tremens. No contest in the object-of-derision dept.

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Because Bush-bashing threads are all I do and I wanted to annoy you–you, personally–the sole arbiter of reason on this board and indeed on the entire Internet, if not the planet.

Let’s be honest for a second here. The Democratic Convention avoided any mention of John Kerry’s achievements in the Senate, principally because these have been few.

Kerry hasn’t been a legislative powerhouse like Ted Kennedy historically has been, for example. The few bills he’s introduces he’s not shown much talent shepherding through committee, coalition building, and ultimate success.

He’s also built a record over the years of being a very liberal senator. Nothing wrong with that, of course, since it’s what he is. But he’s doing his level best now to obscure that record, and run on other things like his Vietnam service.

That liberal Senate voting record, of course, hasn’t been much in evidence lately. Kerry missed 64 percent of Senate business last year, and 89 percent so far this year.

Kerry’s signature achievement in public life is being a United States Senator. Strange that he’s running away from his senate record this way. 'Course, were I in his place, I’d certainly consider doing the same.

When your opponent has an established question of not serving a term in the Air National Guard versus a man who actually actively served and fought in Vietnam, I think it is a very worthwhile point to focus on.

I may be wrong, but I do think our current President is the least experienced and distinguished to be ‘elected’. The slings and arrows flung at Kerry are ludicrous when comparing him to his opponent.

Be that as it may, when I apply for a job I expect my employer to focus much more on my current position than one I held more than thirty years ago.

No, there are a few more of us.

From what I have seen of Bush’s stump speeches and ads, his campaign is positively obessesed with Kerry’s infamous defense of his refusal to vote for the 87 billion dollar funding package…

“I voted for it before I voted against it”…When Bush repeats that line in his speech, I can almost read his mind (“That’s Gold Jerry!”).

I suppose this is Kerry’s “I didn’t inhale” moment. I can predict this is entirely what the derision and ribbing will center on. We will probably hear over 40 mentions of that quote at the convention.

But I think its being beaten to death so much that it loses its impact after a while - and we’ll always have George W. Bush’s malaprop of the week.

A few days ago I was looking through the websites of the Minnesota DFL and Republican parties.

The DFL site had headlines along the lines of “Kerry did this” and “Teresa did that” and “Edwards did the other thing” and “Dayton did something else”.

I was astounded when I went to the IR site. It had headlines along the line of “Kerry did something else” and “Teresa did the other thing” and “Edwards did that” and “Dayton did this”. Heck, the IR site spent as much time talking about the Democrats as the Democrats did.

That’s not supposed to happen, is it? Shouldn’t the Republicans be talking about what THEY did?