And people say high fashion is silly and useless. Fiber Optic Clothing!!!!!

I don’t want to turn into the great link poster of MPSIMS, but [link=]this thread in the Pit[/link] reminded me of this, which is far too cool not to have its own thread.

wowww. Of course, a handkerchief of that stuff probably costs as much as a house, and it’s got to be impossible to clean. But that blue-and-white gown is probably the most amazing dress I’ve ever seen.

I see an actual functional use in the stuff in the form of jogging and biking suits made of the stuff for nighttime. That’s some neato stuff.

Hopefully the clothes weren’t designed by the same folks that designed the site.

Maybe I’m just weird, but I personally wouldn’t want to wear the stuff. I want attention on me, not on my clothes. Although I’m not adverse to having my clothes sparkle, having them light up would be just a bit much.

“All those fancy lies have left you livin’ in a dream
Ain’t you glad you’re a high-fashion queen?”~~~Chris Hillman

For some reason, I couldn’t resist that. Carry on.