And the award for 'Best Original Soundtrack' goes to...

The Rocky Horror Picture Show!

Second place goes to Footloose.

My taste is in my mouth, so there have to be better ones out there. Maybe a Fred & Ginger movie. Though they rarely had more than 3 or 4 songs, they were usually by one of the greats, like Irving Berlin, and I’m not sure how original to the film they were.

ETA: My wife would vote for the soundtrack from Patton, but she’s demonstrably crazy.

ETAA: Happy Kyne did the music for the real “Flight of the Phoenix?”

Wrong. It’s School of Rock.

Nope! Garden State or Blade Runner.

Super Fly.

“Superfly” is a contender. Wife had a patient named Freddy with, in retrospect, AIDS. She was present when he died. She came home and told me he had died. As I recall I, though full of sympathy, could not resist saying, “Freddy’s dead? (That’s what I said.)”

I know that one will keep me out of Heaven on my first shot. As for the soundtracks, keep proving me wrong.

I came into this thread to say Rocky Horror too!

Let’s… do… the Time Warp… again!

Blade Runner


The Long Riders

Such a great soundtrack. Such an AWFUL movie.

Lawrence of Arabia


Moulin Rouge! (a very original use of songs)

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Paris,Texas - soundtrack by Ry Cooder

You are all extremely incorrect.

The best original soundtrack in the universe is from the movie ‘Once’.

Check it out if you disbelieve.

Last of the Mohicans

Came here to say “Once”, So, seconded.

Technically, **Rocky Horror **is not an original soundtrack, since all the songs were written for the stage musical.

Edward Scissorhands and everything else Danny Elfman has ever scored!

Southpark: bigger, longer and uncut has the best soundtrack ever.

I have to go w/ either “Once” or “South Park” as well.

I have to put Team America’s soundtrack over South Park.

Never mind – I missed the “original” part of the OP.