And the grand marshall for the LA gay pride parade is...Paris Hilton???

Professional “Celebimbo” Paris Hilton & her mother were the grand marshalls of the Los Angeles gay pride parade. To which I say WTF??

Paris Hilton is a trust fund brat who has never done a single thing truly deserving of any national media attention, much less done anything worthwhile of national media attention. She is the epitome of a modern American upper-class consisting of narcisisstic, vapid, self-indugent bozos who can think of nothing better to do with all their free-time than make obnoxious public spectacles of themselves. She seems to genuinely believe that the millions of dollars she possesses (though did little herself to earn) makes her better than the common rabble who have to work for a living. Her mother, as far as I can tell, seems to be no better than her. The fact that their names are associated in “pride” for any cause is laughable.

I suppose it’s only because every single noteworthy, famous gay man or lesbian in the America happened to be busy that weekend. You know how hard it is to find an openly gay or lesbian celebrity today. (Okay I’m being a little sarcastic, but still…)

Yes, other straight people have been named as grand marshalls of gay pride parades. Cyndi Lauper has led a few. But Lauper has a long history of promoting gay & lesbian rights, even way back in the early 1980s when it was not fashionable to do such things. Lauper has performed numerous charity concerts in order to raise money for AIDS research & prevention. She has done a lot for the gay & lesbian community. Paris Hilton & her mother have no connection whatsoever to gay & lesbian causes. To them, the pride parade is simply a vehicle for their own non-stop self-promotion.

According to the New York Post, during an episode of Paris’ reality show “the Simple Life”, Hilton’s fellow celebimbo Nicole Ritchie remarked she thought watching two guys making out would be “hot.” Paris Hilton’s only comment was to make a disgusted face and exclaim “eeeyyeeww.”

The fact that a straight mother & daughter team who have shown utter indifference to any cause other than themselves, and who view same-sex coupling as “icky” are being named grand marshalls of an event that’s supposed to promote pride & well-being in the gay / lesbian community just seems IMO appalling and even insulting.

I suppose Jessie Helms & Anita Bryant will be named guests of honor at the NYC pride march at the end of this month.

In the restaurant I ate lunch at today, there was a TV tuned to NBC and I saw an ad for Paris Hilton’s newest television endeavor.

Actually, that’s Paris’s mom doing that one.

Midnight Radio That is Paris’ mom, not Paris.

I can see why the Hilton choice might anger, but I think it’s a rather silly thing to get upset about. Honestly, they rode in the back of a car and waved at the throngs of people for a few miles.

And come on- comparing her to Helms? Why? Because she doesn’t get turned on by the thought of two guys kissing? Me either! Should I avoid the pride events this year because of that?

From the article in the OP:

I could not care any less about this if I tried, but I wonder what the people who chose Paris and her mother thought they brought to the table.

Well, it is a gay pride parade.


How nauseating.

That this spoiled child who probably feels that the public attention she’s recieved for videotaping sex with Rick Solomon is analogous to the scrutiny gays have gone through is repulsive.

And that doesn’t even cover her vile commercial for Carl’s Jr.

I’ve never seen anything that made me want to be a vegetarian more than that.

If the idea of boinking Ms. Hilton doesn’t turn a man gay, nothing will. :smiley:

C’mon, think about it! What makes up the most visible group of gay men? Twinks! And what are twinks known for? Vapid, shallow stupidity and a consumerist ethos that makes Imelda Marcos look like a piker.

What’s Paris Hilton known for? Vapid, shallow stupidity and a consumerist ethos that makes Imelda Marcos look like a piker!

Perfect match!

If Paris Hilton as an icon for straight sexuality doesn’t make people proud to be gay, nothing will.

What I want to know is, if Paris fails one of the challenges, does she get dropped from the family and into obscurity? She might be rich, but she hardly seems cultured.

Paris Hilton Plans to Give Up Public Life

Anyone wanna bet?

I assume between now and 2007, we’ll be seeing the release of a new reality sow entitled ‘Supersize These’ and the XXX DVD boxed set 'Paris On Paris: The Making Of A New ‘Lucky Sperm Club Baby’

OMG! It’s one of dose homersexshual recruiting drives mah Preacher always wurned me abut! I knew it!


In usual fashion, Mr. Karel-Bouley II, is throwing his ‘majority rule G bias’ into this GLBT event.

OK, Some Gay men may not like it given her ‘eeeyyeeww’ opinion of 2 guys boinking. But I know first hand there are a number of:
Lesbians of the butch variety would like nothing more than to munch down on her hot, $6 Carl’s Jr muff burger,

Bisexuals of both sexes who mind switch places with that black Bentley, and

At least one Transgender individual person who could definitely pick of a few fashion tips from the future Mrs. Onasis.

Don’t look at her! You’ll catch Teh Gay! :eek:

I watched the parade on television and didn’t think it was such a hot button issue, other than being surprised. No outrage, just surprise. Personally, I think someone like Harvey Fierstein would have been a better choice- a fairly well known actor, well liked, respectable, etc.

I keep wondering… Does this mean there’s another Paris Sex Tape that’s going straight to video?


I have no idea why you would try to turn this into a “G vs LBT” issue. Most people would probably be able to figure out that his use of the word “gay” here was generic. And really, is “some lesbians want to eat her pussy” a particularly good reason for choosing a grand marshall either?

The fact that Paris can stir up so much emotion and controversy with such little effort, thus making her more money; Makes her A OK in my book.

Some of y’all really need to get over yourselves. I mean come on, some of us have to work for a living and some of us don’t. Why be so critical of the ones that don’t?

It’s life, deal with it.


Her ability to get a rise out of people is what makes her such a cash-cow to all the various forms of media and merchandising out there. (Thus making herself a tidy profit too…)